Washington Long-Term Resources

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  • MEND
  • The SBD Love Cupboards host various group gatherings, including Sewing Circles
  • The SBD Professional Doulas host various group gatherings, including Birthing Healing retreats and workshops for stillbirthday parents



  • Northwest Infant Survival and SIDS Alliance
    (formerly SIDS Foundation of Washington)
    Ms. Inga Paige, Executive Director
    4649 Sunnyside Avenue North, Suite 350
    Seattle, WA 98103
    Phone: (800) 533-0376
    Fax: (206) 548-9445
    Website: www.nwsids.org
    Services: Support for grieving families, safe sleep education for parents, caregivers and professionals, and support for local SIDS research.
  • Washington State Department of Health
    Ms. Bat-Sheva Stein, RNC MN
    Public Health Nurse Consultant
    Maternal & Child Health Office
    111 Israel Road S.E.
    Tidewater, WA 98504
    Phone: (360) 236-3582
    Fax: (360)-586-7868
    Email: bat-sheva.stein @doh.wa.gov
    Services: Links healthcare professional and consumers to resources. No direct services.


Grief Support Retreats with some workshops pertaining to infant loss: www.grievinginplainsight.com  or www.griefbeach.com


Books, Websites and More:

Please be sure to visit the immediate emotional health resources that include crisis hotlines, websites, and books on bereavement.


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