Long Term Healing/Perspectives

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SBD: Supporting Bereavement Diversity




This enormous section of stillbirthday provides bereavement support specific to:

gender, age, religion/faith, culture,  family lifestyle &  other diverse groups.

To add a resource, simply leave a comment below.


 Stillbirthday Fathers deserve support as the supporters.

Photo belongs to the amazing Canary Lane Photography Studio and
SBD doula student.



Fertility Challenges


Other Bereavement Support for DADs




Media which reference Men and Fathers Grief


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Mentorship Program for Fathers

Keepsakes for Fathers

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Healing Resources Specific to Children:

Children, Teens and Grief


{General} Healing Resources:


“Niche” Support

  • While many aspects of bereavement and healing are universal, we have support resources listed especially for the type of experience you’ve had.  Just use our “types of loss” section to gather those resources.  We here at stillbirthday say that grief is a language, that each of us speak a particular dialect of it.  In the language of bereavement, we can learn to celebrate our similarities while honoring our differences.


Groups, Counselors and Programs for Bereavement (by location)


Timetables” for Grief


Grief and Social Networking


Identifying & Understanding aspects of Bereavement


Similar and/or Compounding Issues to Grief


Creativity through Bereavement


Finding Intentional Joy

It is important to know that you can laugh again, and that it’s not a dishonor to your lost child.  Plan intentional activities that you have always found to be enjoyable – watching your favorite movie, eating at your favorite restaurant, shopping at your favorite store.  Be safe, and let yourself hear your laughter or feel yourself really smile.




Books, Crisis Hotlines and other Long Term Resources


Sexual and Intimate Relationship After Loss


Military Family Resources:

Military: continuing legacies of those organizations and efforts before us (these are dated resources but valuable to know about)

  • Yellow Ribbon Birth Project
  • KMC Healing Hearts
  • doulas who were part of the original Operation Special Delivery philosophy prior to their 2016 restructure
  • SBD offers discounts and scholarships for our doula training for doulas who have an authentic desire to serve military families well.

Military: blogs and other links:


Single Parenthood:


Special Needs / Differently Abled Parents:

In whatever way or ways an individual may be considered to have special needs, there are resources and support specific to those circumstances and what you may be facing.  It is virtually impossible to maintain a list of every diagnosis, definition or challenge that a person may be a survivor of and then place that list alongside birth and bereavement support, but what we have begun to do is collect the resources that do speak to the combination of both sexuality and disability, to provide avenues for you that ought to branch out into extensive resources.  Growing this list is important, and if you have an idea to add, please email Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.com to send it in.




  • QTPOC (queer/transgender people of color)
  • Mommy, Mama and Me (a children’s storybook)
  • LGBTQ+ Storieslove
  • LGBTQ+ Fertility Resources & Support
  • LGBTQ+ Family Planning
  • LGBTQ+ Books
  • Loss after ART
  • Lesbian Miscarriage
  • Lesbian Miscarriage Support Group
  • Dr. Deb Rich, specializing in lesbian perinatal psychology
  • Keenan’s mothers share their beautiful, tragic story, with a powerful message:

    “We feel strongly that privatizing such events serves only to isolate people, we believe that it doesn’t allow other families openly grieve a stillborn, nor easily access support they may need or want in doing so. In acknowledging life we need to also acknowledge death, make it safe to grieve and encourage people to be present with their emotions/feelings/thoughts.”

    From their photographer, Jozi Grant:

    “Friends and family of Keenan’s mothers recently congregated at the Squamish Nation Shaker Church to celebrate Keenan with a ceremonial food offering to set his spirit free. It was held on a beautiful day with the North Shore mountains watching over us. The Squamish Minister offered an uplifting perspective on the passing of this precious boy. He explained that though Keenan’s parents may sometimes wonder if they are being punished in some way, they should know that they were, in fact, especially chosen to bring a lost soul back and facilitate his freedom. It resonated with me – such a beautiful way to look at such a painful loss.”


Cultural & Spiritual Resources:


Jalisa and her daughter Jaisie at 36 weeks, just one week before baby Jaisie died.

For Cultural and Spiritual Farewell Custom Resources – please visit our Farewell Celebrations section

Fertility & Bereavement Support for Families of Color


Alternative Therapies:

“EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simple tapping technique that allows you to relieve distress by gently tapping on certain acupressure points on your body while focusing on the particular issue.

With pregnancy loss, we may also be feeling trauma, anger, guilt, and fear in addition to normal grief.  EFT will not get rid of normal grief, but it can help release unnecessary distress, so that you aren’t so weighed down and are able to move through the stages of grief more easily. 

A few sessions with an experienced EFT practitioner can be helpful & give you the tools you need to help yourself when the waves of grief feel overwhelming.  EFT can also be helpful for your partner and any family members who need support with their feelings.” – Sondra Rose

Agnostic/Atheist Resources:


We have a listing of special momentos, charms, books and other merchandise especially created in honor of various cultures, religions and beliefs, including alternative healing stones and more in our momentos section.




Share Your Story!

If you have utilized any of these diversity resources, perspectives and activities and would like to let other families know about them, please consider joining the SBD news team or sharing your story here at stillbirthday.



Healing Resources Specific to Mothers:

Menstruation after Pregnancy Loss

Trying to Conceive (TTC) after Loss

Returning to Other Responsibilities After Loss

Mentorship Program for Mothers

Share Your Story Share Your Story Become a Doula before during after