Your Baby’s Name, Your Baby’s Story

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Have you chosen a name for your baby?

Marking your baby’s name in or on something significant or special can help solidify to you the very real life of your baby, and that even if he or she didn’t get to touch the world with their fingers, he or she did get to leave their mark on the world in a positive, unique way.

It can be something simple, or something more elaborate.

Here are some ideas for marking your baby’s name:

Telling your story, your baby’s story, can be very special and very healing:

A couple of tips about blogging for your baby:

  • Blogger and WordPress are both free.  Blogger is easy to format and can become very personalized very quickly.
  • Franchesca from Small Bird Studios is a very talented blog designer who experienced infant loss.  Her story and website is at Small Bird Studios.
  • We have a “blog button” you can add to your site.
  • We have a blog roll.
  • “The Cutest Blog on the Block” offers free items for blogs, too.


More that includes details of your baby:

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