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Christine Goldman, SBD

Michelle Delp, SBD

Kathleen Garcia, SBD

Anne Schuchman, SBD

Hillary Fedoroff, SBD

Rachel Giles, SBD

Narcisa Jovic, SBD

Monica Usery, SBD

Jeannie Scala, SBD

Tal Jasmin, SBD (New York, NY)

Amy Alexandra Buzzell, SBD (Buffalo)

Danielle Garcia, SBD (Rochester)

Lauren Wallace, SBD (Brooklyn)

Morgan Skidders, SBD (Canton & Potsdam)

Jae Carey, SBD (New York, NY)

Shawnte LaTour-Serviss, SBD (Albany)

Morgan Jamie Dunbar, SBD (Western state)

Brigid Boyle, SBD (Syracuse)

Kim Mossbrook, SBD (Rochester)

Lindsay Graham, SBD (Saratoga Springs)

Melissa Wagner, SBD (Rochester)

Rachel Hazlett, SBD (Saratoga)

Jolene Brough, SBD (Syracuse)

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A stillbirthday certified network of birthing locations, photographers, businesses and services that are prepared to support you well.


NICU Support

NICU New York

Farewell Support

Important Tips for Parents

If you would like to be added to this list, please submit your information and it will be updated.  This website does not endorse (nor is it liable to) any individual or business, and contracts and arrangements will be made on an individual basis.

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  1. Hi all!! I’m JennRose Stremich and I am finishing my credentials as an SBD! I serve Upstate NY and the Greater Rochester Area and would love to connect!! I also am a Co-founder of Face 2 Face Rochester NY, which is a support group for families who are enduring a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. You can find out more at

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