Heidi Faith, SBD Founder

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Heidi Faith is the founder of stillbirthday, a mother of five children including her fourth child born in the first trimester, a professionally trained and certified doula and birth educator, and through stillbirthday, a global trainer in birth & bereavement doula support. I am available to provide support in births of any trimester.  Please email me at heidi.faith@stillbirthday.com.  Please include your phone number and I will respond as immediately as I can.  I offer phone support as well as birth plan building, support during the birth, keepsake building, and long term support referrals.

Because I am the founder of stillbirthday, I receive requests for support from many, many families, virtually every day.  Please know that every broken hearted mother means a great deal to me and I will support you as best I am able.  I personally recommend Megan McFarland’s loving doula support as well – she is the first SBD doula to come alongside me in the Kansas City area.  Many doulas from our area have also listed with stillbirthday but who have not yet taken our SBD training.  These doulas offer you support in the capacity of love and compassion and I encourage you to email everyone on the list with your need – we will all give as we are able.

The stillbirthday paradigm maintains that every SBD doula has the right to autonomy and to maintain his or her own personal convictions while still serving those whose circumstances may find themselves outside of those convictions.  We believe this approach is not only possible, but is essential to the health of each doula and to his or her construct of service.  As such, while I am the founder of stillbirthday and maintain this safe place for each doula to determine their own moral construct, it is important that this same provision be made for me to authentically serve as well.  As a doula, my moral construct mirrors that which I embody in my personal journey, and that is one that maintains the biblical God as the centerpiece of my decisions and my path.  I rely on the power of the Holy Spirit for discernment, direction and provision.  I believe in the power of prayer, the power of miracles, and the power of hope.  But I also believe in the need of acceptance, of relinquishing the hope of a miracle to embrace instead the moment when reality begets such a turn.  I believe always in facilitating and aiming toward the least amount of room for regret as it is a mighty force to reckon with.  These beliefs are emphasized most strongly in support prior to birth.   I also believe in the mighty power of redemption, of healing, of mercy and of a hope renewed.  These latter beliefs are often emphasized most strongly in support after birth or in reflection of circumstances through the process of a person’s redefinition of self and of life.   This is the uncompromising premise from which I serve as an individual.

Stillbirthday holds space for those to join our family who do not espouse anything similar whatsoever or who espouse entirely opposing beliefs.  My primary objective cannot be to proselytize but to surrender this rather compulsive and often fear-based urge for the greater certainty that our paradigm matters and is flat needed.  I believe that the structure of the stillbirthday family is such that does in fact mirror the overall objective that is not only pleasing to God, but is necessary to serve our hurting world.  We are each drawn here to serve, and so we learn to serve well.


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  1. Hi Faith,

    I stumbled upon your site and have fallen in love with it! I also see your name on several childbirth/doula things that I come across. I am, and have been, a doula in my heart forever, and I think it’s my time to become one “for real”. I see your training begins Monday, and I missed the Sept. 17 cut-off for sending in my essay. (I just found this all tonight!) Please tell me that this isn’t a one time opportunity!!! One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to jump into this as a profession and not just a passion, is affordability. Being a full time teacher, and mom of four, so many more things came before this. I feel that the time is now (or near). Please guide me in the right direction! Thanks a ton,


  2. I’m sorry, I just realized that I called you “Faith” instead of Heidi, above! (Freudian slip, maybe!) I guess I have FAITH that I’m headed in the right direction! :0)


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