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Accessing the files of the training contents is easy, but does require a systematic approach.  Here’s the steps:

First, access Student Resources:

01.Student Resources

Second, click the link to access the module page you’re needing.


And now, you are ready to access the Chapter File!

Chapter Files

01.} Enter into your module page with the encryption access you’ve been granted:

Module Page


02.} Once in your Module Page, you’ll click the {instant download} link for your chapter:


Chapter File

03.} Follow the simple registration form like this:

  • Complete the Name and Email bars
  • Click the black “Submit” button



04.}  After “Submit” ~ the page will automatically refresh to this:


refreshed05.} Click the blue {Free – Purchase} button until you see this confirmation screen:


checkout06.} In the above confirmation screen, click “Free Download” – then save the file to your computer for your own viewing.




07.} Sending in your exam:



~~Prior to Second Semester chapters access {5-8}, you will need to visit MidTerm to complete a simple form and receive a message from Heidi Faith.~~


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