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This is a list of the seasoned moms and dads of stillbirthday, who want to provide support, share their lessons, and offer a guiding hand as you prepare for the journey ahead.  This is an ever-growing list, and newest to the listing will be closest to the top (click here to return to the mentorship tab, or here to read through the complete description and guidelines).

If you are a mentee, you can read through this list, and if you feel that you would best align with one of our mentors, you can simply email them to begin your mentoring relationship.  Additional information about our mentorship program is found at the mentorship tab.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please join our private group and Heidi Faith will contact you as soon as possible.


Jen C.




Tracy H.


I lost my son at 22 weeks, for many years I traveled this road alone, not knowing anyone that had lost like I had. And then 7 years ago I started finding so many support groups on the internet, talking with others, keeping my Josh a part of my life and finding ways to remember him helped to me to find peace with my loss. I know the roller coaster of emotions and completely understand them, but I also know the blessings in life after also having my rainbow baby a year and a half after losing Josh. There is hope and life can still be happy, but first we must take the first steps in our grief. I  create memorial dolls and I am in contact with many grieving parents, I have been able to be that shoulder to cry on for the past 5 years and for me it is so rewarding, being able to actually understand how they feel is a huge deal, something I didn’t have back when I lost Josh. I’ve been a part of the baby loss internet community for over years now and I believe that by talking with others, we can all heal just a little from our loss.


Doran R.


Doran is a daughter of the King, wife to Daniel and mother to 6 wonderful children, earth side. She is a Certified Professional Midwife, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Speaker, Ministry Founder, Author – all serving women in her community through womanhood, especially childbirth and pregnancy. Her calling is to minister to the hearts, minds and souls of women, in all areas of their lives. She is on the board of International Christian Childbirth as well as the Regional Representative for Christian Midwives International and Commonwealth Midwives Alliance. Her ministry, Blessing God’s Way, has existed since 2001 (www.blessingGodsway.com). She feels blessed by God’s calling on her life and wants to give Him the glory, honor and praise for all she does, through the power of the Holy Spirit. She strives to be Christlike, setting an example for women of all ages.   My heart is heavy for women who have experienced loss. Loss that they might not even have known it was loss until years later. Women miscarry and oftentimes do not even know that it is a miscarry, but mistake a miscarry with a heavy period or period that was just “different”. I have suffered a loss, when I wasn’t aware it was a loss. Looking back, I know that many women experience this, and then have to deal with what it is like to have lost a loved one, without knowing it was a loved one at the time. There is healing even in this situation – and I want to minister to women who this may have happened to.


Maggie S.


Maggie is a loss mom to a daughter and 2 angels. She found out at 20 weeks that her second daughter, Makayla, had a fatal diagnosis and she and her husband made the heartbreaking choice to induce and say goodbye. 6 months later Maggie found out she was pregnant with a rainbow baby but shortly after had a miscarriage at 11 weeks. With one living child and having plenty of years ahead, Maggie is optomistic and enjoys the time with her husband and living daughter, Kaydence. If you have experienced electing guilt, fatal diagnosis, or an early miscarriage, Maggie may be the right mentor for you.


Theresa W.


Theresa is a loss mama. Her baby was diagnosed with a lethal genetic condition at her 18 week growth ultrasound. She wants you to know that she knows the pain, guilt, and utter heart breaking love that accompanies this time, and that she is here for you.  If you have endured the struggle of a fatal diagnosis, or if you simply want companionship and validation, Theresa would be a great mentoring match for you.


Loren C.


Loren is a single mum of 3 children, including her “Baby Jeff” who was born by miscarriage at seven weeks gestation, and her “rainbow” baby, Arthur.  Loren says that her own mother, who passed away six months before she lost Baby Jeff,  is probably “chuffed to babysit for a few years”.  Loren is the first international coordinator of a stillbirthday Love Cupboard, and she created a private online support group with a matching name, for grieving mothers.  If you are a single mother, if you lost another family member near the time your baby died, if you are looking to find inspiration or even joy in your grief, Loren would be a great mentoring match for you.

Jennifer S.


Jennifer lost her son’s twin Angel at 14 weeks.  She was not given a medical reason for the loss.  Jennifer is a LPN and is in school to recieve her BA in Nutrition.  Jennifer says that she still struggles with her loss but knows that God’s Grace will help her through.  If you have experienced the loss of a multiple, have not recieved medical answers, are trying to find God’s peace in your loss, or would just like someone to talk with about your experience, Jennifer would be a great mentoring match for you.

Karen S.


On June 2, 2004 Karen gave birth to her second daughter, Marie Claire. She was stillborn at full term after a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy with no indication anything was wrong. After she was delivered via c-section Karen discovered she had a complete placental abruption, subsequently had internal bleeding and almost died. She has since had another child – a son. Karen recognizes that a pregnancy after a loss is a whole experience unto itself.  Karen received excellent counseling to help her through her grief, and she and her husband took years to allow themselves to heal and today have a happy intact family that is forever shaped and blessed by their daughter. Karen points out that the divorce rate for families that lose a child of any age is extremely high, and that she and her husband have been blessed to be guided by many who had walked the path of childloss before them and who were able to walk with them so they were not alone, and that Karen and her husband would gladly do the same for others.  If you have given birth to your stillborn baby via Cesarean birth, if you have or are considering conceiving again, if you are experiencing challenges to your marriage, Karen would be a great mentoring match for you.

Tracy S.


Tracy is a mum to 4 gorgeous babies; 3 here on earth and her son Morgan, who was born at 30 weeks sleeping due to the cord being wrapped around his leg and stopping the oxygen to his body.  Two days after hearing the news, she gave birth to her little angel weighing 3lb 7oz.   She has had 2 subsequent childeren.  It hasn’t been easy but her children have helped her through it all.   Tracy would like to help and support other people in a similar situation.  If you’d like to be encouraged and reminded that you are not alone, Tracy would be a great mentoring match for you.

Kelly P.


Kelly is mom to four children, including her daughter Bella, who was stillborn in August 2010, and her “rainbow” baby.   Kelly is a kind hearted, supportive person who likes to put others before herself.  She has found continuous support from online groups and her main circle of friends are that of Angel mums, who support and love each other. Kelly is a good listener and always ready to help guide and support a newly bereaved parent in their grief. Kelly recently did a radio interview sharing her journey with Bella.  Keeping Bella close and keeping her memory alive helps Kelly in her continuous journey to healing.  If you are looking for special ways to honor your deceased baby, validate his or her life, and remember the child that is yours, or if you are simply looking for fellowship with another mother who has walked this path you find yourself on, Kelly would be a great mentoring match for you.

Jaime G.


Jaime is mom to 6 children, beginning her fertility with an early miscarriage, followed by having two living children, and including her daughter Sydney who was born at 20 weeks due to unexpected incompetent cervix in February 2009.  Sydney lived for two hours and then passed away in her mother’s arms.  After Sydney, Jaime experienced another early miscarriage, and then her youngest was born at 31 weeks and spent 9 weeks in the NICU.  If you are seeking support through the NICU experience, if your grief has been compounded because of the NICU experience, if you began your fertility with a pregnancy loss, if you experienced a sudden and unexpected full term loss, or if you ended your fertility with a rainbow baby, Jaime would be a great mentoring match for you.

Travis J.


Travis is a husband, father, and follower of Christ.  After 5 years of fertility struggles, he and his wife learned that they would be expecting their first child. At 12 1/2 weeks they learned of complications for their little boy.  Hudson Parker was stillborn in January 2010, at 26 weeks, due to lower bladder obstruction. Fourteen months later their daughter, Presley Kate, was born after a second IVF procedure.  Travis is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works full-time for an adoption and foster care agency, and he also has a private practice, Aspire Family Counseling.  Travis’ passion for strong families, being a facilitator for healing, growth and change, and for providing hope drives him to serve others.


Linea G.


Linea is a certified birth doula (DONA) and a bereavement doula. She and her husband  have 2 boys in heaven.  Noah was stillborn at 25 weeks in January 2007 and Jack at 17 weeks in March 2009. She homeschools their 11 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter. She and her husband have been married for 13 years and have grown so much closer since Noah went to heaven.  If you are seeking ways to continue the day to day obligations and responsibilities of life after loss, and finding purpose and pleasure in life after loss, Linea would be a great mentoring match for you.

Katie B.


Katie’s loss was in February of 2006.  Although Evan was developing normally, there was an apparent problem with the placenta that caused preterm premature rupture of membranes in her 19th week of pregnancy.  Several days of waiting for labor to start was followed by a traumatic 18 hour labor to deliver her tiny little boy.  Later Katie went on to carry to term a beautiful and healthy baby boy who is now 4 years old.   She believes that emotional and spiritual healing from this kind of loss is ongoing and not always linear, but she has found many wonderful resources and sources of support.  Katie says that we are part of a club no one would ever wish to be in, but since we are in it, she believes that the best thing to do is lift each other up.  Particularly if you’ve struggled with PTSD or something similar, or if part of your story involves being in a troubled relationship or single parenthood, Katie would be a great mentoring match for you.

Hope W.


Hope is a mother of 4 and a SAHM to her two living children.  Hope says, “I have faced tragedy, been blessed tremendously, & broken beautifully. I long for the day when I will be reunited with Zoe & Addie in Heaven…My heart is to bring comfort, peace, and little bit of healing as I reach out to others and share all God has done in my life during the seasons of love & loss I have experienced thus far.” Zoe Elizabeth was stillborn at 20 wks gestation and Addie Kate had Turner’s Syndrome and miscarried at 8 weeks gestation.  Hope has a double MTHFR gene mutation and Factor V Leiden.    Hope is the co-creator of Grief Journeys.  If you have genetic factors such as a blood clotting disorder, if you are facing a difficult diagnosis, or are simply trying to make sense of your loss, Hope would be a great mentoring match for you.


Mel F.


Mel is a Uk based Mum to three. Her first baby was lost in an early miscarriage in 2008, then Finley John was born in August 2009. He died during labour and an emergency Cesarean failed to save him in time.  Mel went on to have a beautiful little girl who is now 17 months old. Mel is an Occupational Therapist, Coach, Teacher and Writer.  If you would like to be challenged to explore ways that you can turn your loss into something meaningful in a positive way to you and helpful to others, or if you have had an emergency Cesarean birth, Mel would be a great mentoring match for you.

Kristie L.


Kristie is a mom to 10 children, including four miscarried babies, a daughter born sleeping at 40 weeks, and a rainbow baby born a year after her daughter died.  During her pregnancy with Harper, Kristie felt less movement at 37 weeks but ascribed it to baby Harper running out of room; when she arrived for her scheduled Cesarean birth, however, she discovered that there was no heartbeat.  When Harper was born it was discovered that she had a true knot.  Additionally, Kristie recalls that the OB did not follow standard protocol.  There are so many emotions and feelings that go  along with the death of a child and talking to someone who has been through it is so helpful.  Kristie also began a ministry after her daughter died called Harpers Hands, making quilt squares for parents to put the hand or footprints of their babies on, along with other items to help families deal with the death of their child.   Since Kristie already had 4 children at home when her daughter died, she has experience with helping children deal with the loss of their sibling.

Lilly J.


Lilly is a momma to 5 babies.  Her number 4 and 5 were twins, fraternal girls named Brooklynn and Isabella.  Isabella was born still at 22 weeks due to my preeclampsia and her sister Brooklynn was born at 32 weeks fighting for her life.  Brooklynn is now three, and she misses her sister and still carry her in her heart today.  Lilly’s pregnancy and loss with her twins was what brought her to the birth community, and Lilly works in all birth situations, including adoption, as well as offering stillbirthday pregnancy loss doula support.  Lilly understands that she can be there for someone even if its just holding their hand.  Particularly if you have had a muliples loss, or if you just are looking for a compassionate friend to let you know that you are not alone, Lilly would be a great mentoring match for you.

Amanda H.


Amanda is a young Christian mother of 2 children, including her first son, Devin, who was born 2 years ago.  Devin was born still at 39 weeks, following a perfectly healthy pregnancy, due to severe preeclampsia and a cord accident.  Amanda has always believed in God but it was losing her son that truly developed her relationship with Him.  She also has a 6 month old boy who was born a year and a half after she lost Devin.   Amanda currently stays at home raising her youngest son, and has plans to return to school in the near future.  If you are seeking to find God’s plan in your loss, or if you sense an invitation to deepen your relationship with Him, if you are pregnant again after a loss, or if you struggle to make sense of having and raising children after loss, Amanda would be a great mentoring match for you.

Steve B.


Steve is chaplain at Caldwell Hospice and Palliative Care in Lenoir, NC. Steve is a native of Chicago and has been a campus minister in Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin. He is also a former college soccer coach and grandfather to Jamie, Raelin, Meagan, and Logan in addition to Alexandra who died shortly after birth in 2004 . Steve loves golf and working on his family tree.




Paul S.


Paul is married and the dad of 9 children, including a son, TJ, who died in November 2010 from Rhino Virus and Adeno Virus.  For over 20 years he has worked with children and families, including youth, gender specific work, mental health care including housing project assistance, residential care for 7 – 19 year olds, youth justice, adolescent response team, generic social work, and child protection.  He holds qualifications in all of these areas.  He has many hobbies, is a self employed researcher and is the administrator of several online support groups for fathers.

Lauren M.


Lauren is a Christian, a wife and mom of 6 children, including two miscarried babies, one of whom she miscarried as a teen.  Lauren has experience with feeling violated and decieved during her teen miscarriage experience, and offers a unique perspective of experiencing pregnancy loss as a teenager.  Similarly, Lauren has experience in the challenges mothers face who grieve miscarried children from previous relationships.  Lauren has mentored several of her friends through pregnancy loss as well.  In addition, Lauren has experience with complicated diagnoses in her surviving children including ADD and Hydronephrosis.  If you are a teen, if you have complicated diagnoses or situations surrounding your pregnancy loss, or if you have experienced loss both prior to and with your current spouse, Lauren would be a great mentoring match for you.

Pete B.


Pete is the father of three children, including one stillborn son.  Pete has been an “Angel Daddy” now for just over 5 years to his son, Ben, who passed away on September 19th 2006 at full term.  Pete is an uncle to 4 “stillbirth angels” and 2 “cot death angels”.  If you struggle with how to cope or share your experience or feelings surrounding the death of your child, Pete would be a great mentoring match for you.

Marcy B.


Marcy is a stay at home mom, hairstylist and doula, including a stillbirthday doula serving in Canada.   She experienced a miscarriage, and through her healing process she has realized the need of support to families who have been through miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss; those who have been through the unimaginable.  If you have experienced a miscarriage, or if you are searching for ways to use your experience to help others, Marcy would be a great mentoring match for you.

Teresia S.


Teresia is a wife and mother of 9 children, including 3 babies born by miscarriage and a daughter who died in the second trimester due to Turner’s Syndrome.  Teresia is Christian, and has particular experience with praying through grief.  Teresia also has experience with working through the many emotions brought on by multiple miscarriages, experiencing a second trimester loss, and the reactions of receiving a diagnosis for the cause of death.  If you have experienced any of these things, Teresia would be a great mentoring match for you.


MaryBeth N.


MaryBeth is a wife and mother of 4 children, including her firstborn, a daughter, who was born stillborn due to a true knot in her cord, and a son who died unexpectedly at 8 years old.  MaryBeth has particular experience in feeling the many profound feelings that only come from losing your first child.  MaryBeth also has particular experience in facing the challenging road of holding accountability without condemnation for those who played an integral part in the death of her oldest son.  If you are facing the obstacles of holding someone accountable for the death of your child, but seek to do so in a moral and upright way, or if you’ve experienced a firstborn death, MaryBeth would be a great mentoring match for you.

Lisa W.


Lisa is a wife and mother of 4 children, including one infant loss and one miscarriage.  Lisa has particular experience in allowing infant loss to totally transform her life into something much more enriching than she would have allowed herself to experience otherwise.  Lisa has temporarily traded in her professional career to remain at home and spend the last years of her children’s upbringing at home with them.  If you feel that your loss experience is pulling you in a totally new direction, Lisa would be a great mentoring match for you.

Liz P.


Liz is a wife and mother of 7 children, including her stillborn daughter, Aquila.  Liz has particular experience in working through the challenging dichotomy of holding her midwife professionally accountable for the negligence that directly led to the death of her daughter, but also of allowing her personal forgiveness and releasing the many strong emotions that Liz has worked through.  Additionally Liz has particular experience in the struggle to understand the difference between God’s will regarding infant death, and God’s plan for good, for everyone involved, despite events that are far outside of His will.  If you face a lot of mixed responses to your loss, particularly from those who claim to know that your baby’s death was God’s will, or was someone’s fault, Liz would be a great mentoring match for you.

Heidi Faith


Heidi is a wife and the mother of 5 children, including her baby who was born via natural miscarriage at 12 weeks.  She is Christian, and while her loss challenged her faith, it ultimately served to strengthen it.   She has particular experience with working through guilt, crisis of faith, forgiveness of others, and finding thankfulness in the journey.

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