Question Five

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Social media and online grieving has been __________.

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  1. Social media and online grieving has been amazingly helpful. I have received condolences, virtual hugs, offers to help in any way needed, very personal stories of other friends who have been through this but never told anybody, and offers of prayers — even from those with whom I am not very close. The outpouring from those really helped. With so many holding me up, there was no way I could fall — even though that’s all I wanted to do. I was amazed by the compassion of so many — some who could directly relate to my pain in ways they wish they couldn’t, and then from those who hadn’t experienced my grief, and hoped they never would. I went through my grieving process very publicly with a social media outlet (FB) and I was blessed in what I found.

  2. Teresia Mitchell says:

    an amazing source of comfort and healing!

  3. helpful in finding prayer support and an easy way to tell everyone without having to tell my story again and again. However… seeing new pregnancy announcements, baby bump pictures, and newborns on facebook every day make me incredibly sad and jealous at times.

  4. Maggie Kuttner says:

    amazing for me. i am a stay at home mom to my older daughter so when i am out with adults, the conversation is about our kids and they dont like talking about makayla. they feel weird about it and dont want to say something bad. online social media and grieving sights have helped tremendously


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