Luke 22:42

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  1. I blog for personal therapy. Sometimes those same thoughts/feelings/experiences resonate with others & are helpful & I praise the Lord for that.

    As you can tell by the above image, I am no artist, but the morning of my second miscarriage I awoke with this stick figure burned into my mind (as well as the rest of me). I guess the Lord knew my limitations. Words are usually my medium.

    I’ve addressed these common sorrows several times on my blog.
    January – Job 1:21 (a month after our 1st miscarriage)
    February – Luke 22:42 (as above)
    March – Grief Sanctuary (my grieving process)
    June – Five Seats of Emotion (with a subsequent menstration)
    June – Bittersweet (quotes from Shauna Niequist)

    I can honestly thank God for even these moments. I pray that you find your healing.

  2. Bonnie Evans says:

    There is no need for words. This ‘universal image’ effectively communicates its message. Truly God-inspired. It speaks to those who are experiencing or have experienced the piercing loss of miscarriage or the aching repeating sorrow of infertility..


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