Required Reading List

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This is our reading selection list for our SBD training

This is our public example – an updated format will be available to you as an enrolled student.


Two book reviews are required as part of SBD doula certification.  You can visit our Student Checklist for information about writing and submitting these reports.

Please select your two books from our list:


Professional Bereavement Support


Professional Labor Support


Balancing Personal & Professional / Connecting

“The willingness to show up changes us, It makes us a little braver each time.” 

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.”

Continuing Pregnancy


Facing & Exploring Birthing Options in Bereavement


Older Children / Subsequent Children


Spouse / Marriage (birth)

  • Becoming Us – Elly Taylor (pre-pregnancy, all birth outcomes)


Spouse / Marriage (bereavement)


Personal Growth after Loss


If you have a title you prefer that isn’t on this list, simply ask Heidi Faith if it can be applied for one of your two book reviews.  The selection above has simply been pointed out by SBD students who’ve been through the program already. Here is our growing public list of titles as well.


Please note, that the title “Companioning at a Time of Perinatal Loss” is a requirement for those seeking nursing contact hours, and then you can select one more title to complete your two book reviews.



These are not required whatsoever, but you may enjoy utilizing them as helpful resources.

Supporting Birth & Bereavement as a Doula

Previously in PDF version, the new actual book version has a better name and even more content!

  • the most frequently visited pages from stillbirthday: types of loss, birth methods, birth plans, farewell celebrations – everything in the Immediate Decisions book for newly bereaved families
  • history of doula
  • very, very basic, foundational support as a doula, expanded in the training
  • self care
  • foundation for the SBD workshops
  • If you are not interested in committing to our full online certification, this is at least a minimal alternative.

We don’t offer tracking for international orders to keep the costs to a reasonable minimum.


Immediate Decisions Booklet

These little booklets, about 200 pages, contain the most frequently visited pages of stillbirthday:


  • **Types of Loss (“what’s happening” and how it’s explained compassionately)
  • **Birth Methods (“what my provider told me we need to do” and how it’s explained personally)
  • **Birth Plans (“how can I still have options from within the birth method my provider and I think is best?”) I’m planning on having a stack of them outside of The M0M Center for parents to pick up immediately if they’re experiencing an impending loss, but it might be something for ultrasound technicians, emergency rooms, maternity units or crisis pregnancy centers to have on hand.
  • Includes commentary and helpful healing activity and quotes pages.
  • Available in Spanish or German: Click here to order



We also have helpful hospital brochures
you can print and freely distribute from this page about our doulas.






Other titles will also be mentioned and recommended in the training.

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