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As we near stillbirthday’s first year in August, some improvements are being made.

By the end of the summer, expect stillbirthday to have a fresh, more inviting look.  We are anticipating things being even easier to find, more visually welcoming, and we are planning on having a forum right here, so that moms can help each other locate the resources here as you need them – things like birth plans and specific information.  We are also anticipating being able to have the trainings right here at the site.  If we can arrange it, I’d also like to have a real-time chat box for new visitors.  You are not alone, and I want you to know that you aren’t.

Additionally, the Love Cupboard coordinators will be able to have a group to share ideas and learn how to sew various helpful items.  We also have an amazing group of individuals who have established themselves as leaders through stillbirthday who will be better recognized for their volunteerism and endless compassion.

How You Can Help

I have been very reserved about photos in the past, as they can be upsetting for parents who are not ready to see them.  However, with the new look of stillbirthday, I also plan on including more photos – babies of all gestational ages, farewell celebrations, memorial photos, tattoos, and paintings or other artwork will also be included (we do have a small section of artwork right now but I’d like to expand on that).   These photos will be held in special places at the site, just as they are now.  Parents will only see them if they choose to, and the same contribution policy that protects your photos, just as your stories, from hurtful comments will still apply. If you have photos you’d like to allow stillbirthday to hold of your baby, you can email them directly to Heidi Faith at kcchristiandoula (at) yahoo (dot) com.

If you have suggestions of things you’d like to see here, please leave a comment and tell me about it.

With this new look, we want to ensure that more loss moms find exactly what they need, when they need it.  If you want to be a part of this, you can help financially.  We have stillbirthday cakes you can purchase, or you can just contribute money of any amount, knowing that it is going toward improving stillbirthday (in addition to domain and site improvements, business card orders are distributed around the world, we plan on hosting conferences and more!).  Just visit the PayPal page, enter in any amount you’d like to contribute, and know that you are helping families during the time of their losses get the information they need and the compassion they deserve.

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