Rainbow Milk Burp {and Cry} Cloths

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We Know Sew provides very affordable rainbow patterned burp cloths.  For mothers pregnant with subsequent “rainbow” babies, being a part of our Rainbow Milk campaign is a wonderful opportunity.  We take photos of ourselves nursing or snuggling with our “rainbow” babies, either with our Rainbow Milk teething necklaces or with our Rainbow Burp Cloths.  These are a small enough treasure to keep for many years to come – and soft enough to cry into during those moments when we simply need to cry.  Parenting after loss can have heightened joys – and magnified sorrows.  All experiences, and all feelings, are part of our journey, and part of how we parent, and part of how we heal.

Please visit our additional post-loss lactation resources.



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  1. There is joy after lose. More people need to be aware.


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