Alive in Heaven

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Sunday, September 23 is International Bereaved Fathers Day.

From now until September 15, you can download a free eBook version of Mark Canfora’s book:

Alive in Heaven:

A Child Died

A Father Cried

And God Answered

Just visit this link, and in the left sidebar you’ll see “Download eBook”.

Enter in your name, email, and this code:


This is a story of a boy, eighteen years old, who committed suicide.  It’s a story of a family, coming together to find their way, to find God’s way, in their healing.

Seeing his son in the morgue, the rope marks around his neck, brings back memories of the day Marky was born, with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Looking back on that day, Mark remembers how fervently he prayed for his child’s survival.  This book brings you through the intimate, devastating experiences of a father begging for his son’s life to be preserved, to losing his son eighteen years later, and of that broken, devastated father turning to his own Father for answers, mentorship, guidance, restoration and hope.

September 15 is the anniversary of Marky’s arrival in Heaven.  Thank you Mark for this generous offer.  May bereaved fathers find comfort in your message, in the legacy of your son, and may you find comfort in these days ahead.

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  1. markjr1986. Is the ongoing free download code.
    Thanks for sharing!!! My heart and prayers lifted for all here.


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