Back to Church Sunday

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Today is National Back to Church Sunday.

Stillbirthday wants to know:

Has the death of your baby(ies) challenged your faith?

Have you felt distanced from God in your grief?

In anger, have you turned away from your church home, your religion or your faith?

In your darkest hour, have you found the light of hope and faith?


Has your spiritual life been impacted at all by your loss?


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  1. My faith has definitely been strained in my grief. It has affected my walk in every way and I feel more distant in my relationship than ever. I feel like God cheated me. But, at the same time, He is so apart of me that to turn my back on God would be like turning on the very essence of myself. So now I suppose is my walk of faith-walking out what I do not feel. I read Job over and over and wish I had his steadfastness. Blessed be the name of the Lord!


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