Less Trick, More Truth

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Little girls will be dressed as sparkly angels, and little boys will be draped in white sheets to look like ghosts.

The mom with them, running house to house, standing behind her children as they present their buckets repeating “Trick or Treat!” might be wishing she had one more dressed up little one to chase after and take pictures of.

Maybe to her, there is one less bucket than there should be.

One less painted face.

One less Trick or Treater.

Maybe, more than one is missing from her giggling, glowing, candy collecting crew.

Halloween is the last day of October, and October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.

For Halloween this year, one mother decided to distribute her candies, while including a tiny little paper that invites the mom to visit stillbirthday, by using the window inserts from our SBD Local Rep section.  These are just the right size to attach to a sucker or just add in the handful of treats.

As she sorts through their candies at home, she’ll find your little message for her.

Letting the mom know that she isn’t alone – it could be the best treat she receives this Halloween.


This was just one idea that one mom found valuable as she tried to find the balance between honoring herself and other mothers, while still celebrating the fun in Halloween.  It might not feel right for you, and that’s totally OK.  Our SBD Local Rep page, where our printable resources are located, offers that often, sharing our stories, while painful, can be better received than printed items.

How do you find the balance between celebrating festivities or having fun, with wanting to tell others about support they could receive if they need it?


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