SBD helps Mother’s Refuge

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One of the programs we offer here at stillbirthday is a Love Cupboard program.  This is a tangible needs program that serves multiple purposes:

  • provides some clothing and other tangible items to families in need.
  • provides these resources to families who are expecting a baby with a fatal or difficult diagnosis.
  • provides these resources to families who are pregnant with a subsequent pregnancy and have been too fearful to invest in these items out of fear of losing the pregnancy.
  • provides a temporary or permanent/donation storage place for families who’ve endured pregnancy or infant loss.

Each Love Cupboard is uniquely named and locally coordinated by caring members within communities.  They are each run based on the needs of your community and the expectations set forth by your local Love Cupboard coordinator.  Visit the Love Cupboard link to learn more.

Through the support of my local community and their donation of maternity clothes, infant clothes and other items, I was able to use my local Love Cupboard, named Mom’s Connection, to provide these needed items to Mother’s Refuge, another local organization that recently endured a devastating fire.

Mother’s Refuge is a homeless shelter for teen mothers and their infants.

With your generous help, stillbirthday’s Mom’s Connection Love Cupboard was able to gift Mother’s Refuge with maternity clothing, infant girls clothing, infant boys clothing, a safety gate, a stroller, two pack n plays, and more.


Thank you for your support of stillbirthday, so that we can impact our local communities, globally.



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