One in Two Won’t

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One in two American babies in utero,

won’t be alive at two months after birth.

Blue and Pink is the ribbon for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness, as well as the NICU ribbon.

Blue and pink together also make purple, which is an appropriate color for babies who die early in pregnancy, when their gender isn’t known, because blue can represent dad, and pink can represent mom.

These purple beads represent babies who do not live to two months old, after birth.

If you are a parent whose child is older than one month old, if your child is “in the clear

please, just take a look around you.

A purple bead is touching yours.

A parent around you has experienced loss

even if you don’t know it.

Tell everyone you know about stillbirthday. 

We provide support prior to, during and after loss.

Here are two helpful links if you have not experienced loss: our Farewell Celebrations, and our information for Loved Ones.

Statistic Information:

Combined statistics information on pregnancy loss and neonatal death.

Or another way:

“Using 1996 data, this translates into 3.89 million live births, 1.37 million abortions, and 0.98 million miscarriages.”
source: MedScape

But you can piece in your own numbers, and you’ll see that even annual numbers still reflect this average.
Include what is labeled as miscarriage, learn if it includes ectopic, molar and blighted ovum pregnancies, include elective abortion, stillbirth and neonatal death statistics and then compare them to the annual live birth statistics.

This is not a message about pro-life or pro-choice, but simply on the reality and prevalence of pregnancy & infant loss as a whole, the unavoidable reality of parental bereavement and the potential for you to get to know the people around you and to discover their grief and the need for validation and healing.

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Domestic Violence increases in pregnancy, leading to infant & maternal death.     [Path to Safety]      [Learn More]      [Quickly Exit to a Weather Channel]