The Grief Dare

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Bereavement challenges everything we know about well, everything.

It challenges our faith.  Our trust in birth.  Our understanding of pregnancy.  Our concept of parenthood.  Our marriage.  Our identity.

I have seen mothers blame their care provider, blame God, blame their husband, blame each other, and blame themselves.

Blame has a place in grief – for the short term, there can even be value in blame.

However, if you are a bereaved mother reading this, I want to challenge you to explore even more deeply.

I want to challenge you to see the obstacles that can seem attractive but actually serve to distract and even detract from our healing.

I want us to identify these obstacles, and see that their purpose is to continue to isolate us and frustrate our efforts to obtain the healing that we deserve.

If you are a mother who has experienced pregnancy loss, infant loss or child loss at any time in the past, you are encouraged to take The Grief Dare.

About the Grief Dare

One dare will be published at stillbirthday at the beginning of each week.  You will have only that week to achieve that dare.

There will be 15 dares, one dare per week.

The Grief Dare begins with the first dare published on December 31, 2012; the last week ends the weekend of Saturday, April 13th.

These dares will challenge you to strengthen your marriage, treat yourself with care, and explore areas of emotional difficulty in your grief journey.

You’ll participate in the Grief Dare by sharing what you explored and learned through each dare.  You’ll share your entry by using the Grief Dare forum.

You will be required to read, think, engage and write.


The Grief Dare will feature a few dares presented in The Respect Dare, a brand new book not scheduled for public release until mid-December!

At the end of the 15 weeks, a team of stillbirthday members will vote on a first place and second place winner.


The first place price is a hand made necklace and earring set from Dr. Laura designs!

Genuine Scrabble® tiles with images of cherubs and letters on the reverse side spelling the word FAITH.  Necklace can be worn both ways with matching earrings included and arrives in a beautiful presentation gift box.  Necklace is Amethyst, fresh water Pearls, Vermiel caps, beads and clasp, tiles sides covered with 18K Gold ink.  Necklace length 16.5 inches.
Click the photo for an even better look at this stunning set!
The Second Place prize is a lovely hand made bracelet from Eden’s Wings.



Get entered today!

Register in our Grief Dare forum. – then keep an eye out for our dares!

Update: this giveaway closed!  Congratulations to Colleen for winning first place, and for graciously gifting the prize right back to stillbirthday so that one more mother can receive a treasure!  Truly, the generosity of the stillbirthday community moves me to tears.  Thank you, so very much.

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