Teeny Tears

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November is National Prematurity Awareness month, and just like families who endure loss and who find significance in October, this month is a tender time for families who’ve experienced the need to utilize the NICU.

November 17 is also World Prematurity Day.

This is a very special giveaway, one that is going to work a little differently than most.

In this giveaway, you will choose a hospital to have beautiful, darling, teeny diapers donated to.

Megan, the founder of Teeny Tears, shares her experience both with needing the care of the NICU, and of loss, here:

As we came closer and closer to Dex and Crew’s third birthday, I began searching for a project that would honor Dex’s memory and give purpose to my grief. I was looking for something economical, meaningful, and within my limited sewing abilities.
When my sister showed me what her friend Arah had started making for the local hospitals in Spokane, I knew immediately that I had found my answer. My heart told me that there was no turning back. I would make tiny little diapers for stillborn micropreemie infants and those that pass away in the NICU. With full support from Arah, we launched Teeny Tears last November…

please click here to read her whole story

All you have to do to enter this giveaway, is comment below, telling us:

What surprise or unexpected support did you receive during your pregnancy loss or NICU experience?

Please be sure to include in your comment, the name and city of the hospital you want the diapers donated to, and who your entry is in honor of – your own baby(ies) and/or others.  A tip: if it is a labor and delivery hospital, it will be more likely to receive the diapers than say, a children’s hospital.  If for any reason your chosen hospital can’t accept the diapers, a hospital within that community may be selected.

Two random names will also be drawn to receive one teeny diaper sent to you.

Winners (all three) will be selected on Monday, December 24 – Christmas Eve.


Each family receives two teeny diapers – one to keep as a momento, and one for the baby to wear.  Click the photo to watch Megan’s story.

More Ways to Get Involved

If making tiny diapers for precious babies is something you want to learn more about, please visit the Teeny Tears “How you can help” tab.

You can get involved by sewing, or by donating to Teeny Tears to help support families.

You can even start your own Stillbirthday Love Cupboard, get a group together, and make Teeny Tears diapers!  Your own Love Cupboard could be featured on the Teeny Tears list!  What a fantastic way to approach the holidays and the New Year, by making a commitment to get involved and joining in this way to help other families.

Did you know?  Preemie awareness is a pink and blue ribbon, just like the pregnancy and infant loss ribbon.

This giveaway is now closed.  There were a couple of hospitals nominated that Teeny Tears are already in the process of supporting, and a couple of duplicate comments, so those were taken out for a fair drawing.  The location selected is Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio.

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  1. Carolinas Medical Center – Pineville (Maternity Center, Labor & Delivery)

  2. Fairview Medical Centre NICU Minneapolis, MN Carson was born Nov 2007, the day after Prematurity Awareness Day…I am more aware than EVER.

  3. Arnot Ogden Medical Center, Elmira, NY (this is where all of our local high-risk mamas and babies go). In memory of baby Delp, lost 2/2/ 96

  4. Akron General medical center in Akron, ohio

  5. Clinton Memorial Hospital in Wilmington, OH in honor of my daughter Carleigh McKenna Haas born still March 28, 2009

  6. Cheryl Ridenbaugh says:

    Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, Oh. It is a hospital with L&D & it is where we lost our twin boys at 21 weeks, it is also where our Rainbow baby, Theo, was born at 29 weeks & spent 6-1/2 weeks in their NICU. I have since become a midwife so that at least I could affect the experience of birth – both joyous & tragic – in a positive, therapeutic way for other women…

  7. I had a baby born sleeping in July 2011. Then in June 2012 my twins, Grayson and Quinn, were born 8 weeks early. Quinn stayed in nicu for 34 days, and Grayson stayed in nicu for 45 days. After losing Quint, it was so hard to leave my twins, but Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where I delivered and the twins stayed, was a wonderful facility. I couldn’t ask for better care. Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Lafayette, La in honor of Grayson and Quinn.

  8. Dense Battreal says:

    Norfolk general Hospital . it would have been nice to have Eric cleaned up wearing something that made him not look so venerable…. thank you for your support of other mothers … bless our babies here on earth and in Heaven


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