Breast Milk Keepsakes

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At approximately 20 gestation weeks onward, a mother may produce breastmilk upon the birth of her baby.  Having options with our breastmilk is important.  HollyDay Designs  Breast Milk Keepsakes utilizes just one tablespoon of our breastmilk to turn it into a beautiful keepsake.  In approximately the first 3 days postpartum, breastmilk production is not based on demand – it is simply present after the birth of the baby and placenta.  Because of this, a stillbirthday mother may collect her breastmilk in these earlier days to use for one of these custom made keepsakes, without concern that it will produce more breastmilk.  Milk donation and expedited milk suppression are both options that our SBD doulas and our SBD lactation professionals can support.

Below is a keepsake that includes both breastmilk and a small lock of baby’s hair.




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  1. This is wonderful. I wish I had known about these!


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