Moving Forward, not Moving On

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The mark of the end of 2012 can seem frightening.  If you’ve experienced loss this year, the idea of pushing the numbers, changing the year, can seem like you are forced to forget – made to “move on.”

Moving on is not something I believe that I can do.

I can, however, move forward.

As the year changes, I want to just highlight some important events that have recently occured and that we have planned through the upcoming year:

  • Our Birth & Bereavement Training has been approved for 30 nursing contact hours.  If you are a nurse in the USA, or if you are a doula who requires nursing contact hours, please visit our Birth & Bereavement Training page to learn more!  We will have a training begin in February, and another in the fall of 2013.
  • The Invisible Pregnancy is a journal and guide, now available in paperback.
  • As an introduction to the book, we are hosting the Grief Dare for 15 weeks.  Because we want everyone to know about it, we are also offering free advertising to any website that can benefit bereaved families.
  • In 2013, we will have giveaways just for stillbirthday fathers.
  • Starting in January, we will have an online forum opportunity here called Stepping Stones.  Each month I will pose a new question, and you can discuss it at the SBD Forum, right here on this website!
  • Debris Day is in the weekend of Earth Day.
  • We have a Birth Professionals Workshop in June.
  • 2013 marks 25 years since Proclamation 5890, and we’ll be releasing some important information about Ronald Reagan and about October events.
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