Masin Makes Me Stronger

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Told by: Rachel

Hi , I am a 27 year old Mom of 2 little 4 year old Irish twin boys. They are the light of my life. Things havent always been so easy or happy. My boys have a older brother in heaven and they know that. Masin Memory was born in the early morning hours of of January 3rd 2007. He was the most perfect little angel ever.

At first the question was “why?” Everything had been perfect up until then.

None the less, Masin was with me and his Daddy the whole time we were at the hospital. I dressed him, cuddled him and loved him so much just like a Mommy should do. We said our good byes, had a funeral service with friends and family, and put him to rest.

We visit Masin very often , letting his brothers play at his grave side and be with him. We lost such a big part of our heart that day we lost Masin. One thing I do not do anymore is question God Why? I now know why! We have these 2 amazing healthy little boys. This was Gods plan. We had to fight to get over our loss and we won that fight. God made us stronger<3 I am forever Stonger.


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