Heartbroken for Brooklyn

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Dear Baby Glauber,

Your parents love you so much.  They spent their last days surrounded in faithful celebration of Purim.  It is with hearts full of God’s presence that they left you so suddenly.  You are a miracle they leave behind.  You are a miracle that they carried and through God’s amazing love, continue to carry.

We all around the world are praying for your safety, for your health, for your life, that one day you will meet with God’s presence and feel the same supernatural joy and goodness that they, your parents, felt for you and with you in their last days here on earth, and in that meeting, you will trust that you are a miracle, you will trust that you are loved, and you will trust that God can purpose the biggest tragedy of your entire life, the biggest displacement possible between you and your parents, into a supernatural transformation that brings you even closer to them, to their wisdom, to their discernment, to their love, than ever would have been possible without this enormous tragedy.

I am so sorry.  I am so, deeply, broken and sorry for the death of both of your parents, that you won’t ever see their delight in you, you won’t ever feel their physical touch of adoration and affection for you.  I beg the God of the universe to bless you in your breaking moments, that He supernaturally provide for you these gifts in incomprehensible measure.

You are valuable.  You are loved.  You are a miracle.

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  1. Annamarie Longfellow says:

    Praying for healing sweet baby – and for grace to accept God’s Will. To be a shining light of God’s and your parent’s love for you. Many blessings.

  2. I send my heart and prayers to the family that lost so much and to the little boy that is fighting for his life. I pray that he will grow and be strong, and be the young man his parents dreamed of. I pray that Father God will touch his life, with love, understanding, and faith.

  3. You are an amazing miracle of God!! He created you with a purpose unknown to us that you will carry out. Your parents death is part of that plan and although it does not make sense to us here on earth, they are looking down on you with smiling eyes and loving hearts, excited to see what you will accomplish in this lifetime! I am sure if they could speak to you they would let you know they love you more than anything in this world, and can’t wait to see you again some day! Praying as you get older you grow closer to God, build a relationship with him and understand his will for your life!