Angel Heartbeat Bear Giveaway

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This giveaway is now closed.

If you are following us on Facebook, you’ll know that we’re offering a giveaway!  Our objective with having a Facebook page is to lead families directly here, to stillbirthday, not the other way around, but if you’re already on Facebook, I invite you to find the stillbirthday page.  By the way, stillbirthday is also on Twitter.

While we provide support during the actual, physical birth of babies born in any trimester, and we provide support at any time afterward, including bereavement support, it is also important to provide trusted information regarding prevention of infant loss, and we work to lead you to the resources that provide the most trustworthy information regarding prevention, while also having the sensitivity to honor the feelings of blame and guilt that families who’ve already endured loss may feel as they learn about prevention information.

One such organization is Cora’s Story, who shares information regarding congenital heart defects and prevention, including pulse oximetry testing for newborns, after the first 24 hours after birth.

To help you remember “pulse oximetry at +24 hours”, once we reached 2,500 “likes” at our Facebook page, we decided to run a giveaway of an Angel Heartbeat Bear.  The winner can use this for:

  • her own pregnancy, particularly if she’s carrying to term a baby with a fatal diagnosis
  • after her baby has been born, to record special words of love
  • as a gift for someone else

To enter in the giveaway:

  • If you are already on Facebook, “tag” the stillbirthday page and the Cora’s Story page together with a comment to invite others to like our page.
  • If you are not already on Facebook, simply leave a comment below, stating that you are interested in winning.

One person will be selected as the winner on March 17.

The person selected was Becky, who left a comment below.  Congratulations Becky! 


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  1. Maggie Kuttner says:

    This seems almost too good to be true. I lost Makayla last year on March 17th due to a fatal diagnosis, I’d live this and hope whoever wins the honor enjoys and loves this!

  2. I would love to win in honor of my angel baby Jamie

  3. Thanks! I shared on Twitter!

  4. Would love to win and honor our baby boy born sleeping on December 4th

  5. I’d love to win for my sister-in-law. After 12+ years, she’s pregnant. <3

  6. This is a lovely sweet gift ( I am a fan on fb but couldn’t get the tagging to work) Our little boy’s heart stopped last June 29th.

  7. Claire Waring says:

    My little boy Charlie was born sleeping on 13th June 2012 at 25 weeks would love this bear, we have been left to manage on our own with little support and it’s been such a struggle and would really appreciate this so a our wedding we can sit it next to his photo xx

  8. Kathy Mason says:

    I had a m/c at 12 wks Oct 13th, 2003.. I finally conceived again in April 2005 and delivered a boy on Jan 10, 2006. Not a day goes by I don’t think of my angel baby I named Rebecca but didn’t tell my older kids her name. I place an ornament on my tree for the yr of her loss 2003 and the actual yr of birth April 2004. My son and daughter in law conceived a little girl who was due April 14th 2007 (born April 5th) and said they were naming her Rebecca Dawn (Dawn is my middle name). I said oh… and they were why oh and I told them my angel baby was Rebecca and they asked if I was k with her name and I said def so my granddaughter has my angel babies name..

  9. Kristin Young says:

    Thank you. I have two living children with heart defects.

  10. gemma lynn daw says:

    i am very interested in the heartbeat bear give away as im now pregnant with a little boy after our daughter being stillborn in may2012 after going over due x

  11. Im interested in willing. While I am not pregnant, or know anyone who is, I run a memory box program in hobor of my son, grayson who was stillborn at 33 weeks in September. I work with my local hospital, and if I would win, I would give the bear on to them, to give to a momma who’s baby was given a fetal diagnoses.

  12. I am a home birth Midwife, and am a firm beleiver in birthing your terminal baby at home so you can greive in peace. This would be a great gift for any parent going through this, and would love to win this for a future birth,

  13. If I won I would give it to my daughter in-law who had Mylee premature and lost after 3 hours in 2010 then in May of 2012 she lost Bentley at 22 weeks he was stillborn she is currently 18 weeks and on bed rest already I think it would be the best gift ever!!!

  14. Love to win this for our daughter Charleece Taelynne, born sleeping Jan 10th , 2011.

  15. Laura, midwife, that’s fantastic. I have a friend who had a stillbirth at home. She had decided to go UC although her midwife was called later due to hemorrhaging. I wish that I could have been able to do it at home as well (I required a cesarean due to the situation.)

  16. For those of you waiting a rainbow baby, after years of waiting we had a beautiful little boy who brings us much joy. He’s now 6 months! I’m also a doula and I believe that my experience has brought more depth and understanding to my work. GL to whoever wins the bear, it’s lovely!


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