Parenthood through ART

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Here at stillbirthday we address many aspects that may present themselves through pregnancy and infant loss.  Some of these include primary infertility, secondary infertility, utilizing ART, and, loss after ART (medically assisted conception).

I invite you, mothers and fathers, to share what your experiences, perceptions and feelings are in regard to identifying motherhood, fatherhood, parenthood, through ART.

Have you utilized, or contemplated utilizing, the assistance of ART for pregnancy?  Have you utilized an egg or sperm donor?

Have you been challenged by feelings of identity?  Inferiority?  Jealousy?  Grief?

Has your journey and your parenthood given you elation?  Validation?  Redemption?  Healing?

I invite you to consider sharing your story with stillbirthday, so that more parents can learn from your journey.


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