Summer 2013 Must-Have

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2013 marks 25 years of official Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness since President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5890.

Bereavement is just plain hard, isn’t it?

Is it possible at all, that we bereaved mothers can don something that is representative of our children, of our motherhood, of our bereavement, and still have it be….fashionable?

Still have it be…dare I say…sexy?

Life after loss challenges everything – including how we feel about our bodies and about our sexuality.

I believe that, for the bereaved mother who is also a wee bit daring, the Awareness belly ring could prove to be a wonderful addition to her summer attire.

I’ve got one, and I love it!  It’s a precious feeling, decorating my belly, my outer womb, with something so symbolic.

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