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Stillbirthday, in a special arrangement with Return to Zero producer Sean Hanish, is presenting you with an opportunity to have your baby(ies) name listed in the movie.


In an exclusive section to appear BEFORE the other credits, the film will read:

This film was made possible through the generous donations of StillBirthday Families

Immediately below this line, will list the names of OUR BABIES!

This is a very exclusive, very special, once in a lifetime opportunity.  This is a special prominant section of the credits and will be highly visible!

There are additional things as part of this package, which stillbirthday decided to give away (these are now closed)

  • Digital Download (claimed)
  • Seah Hanish’s short films and desktop image from the film (claimed)
  • The film shooting script (claimed)
  • Soundtrack to the film (claimed)
  • One, $500 Limited Edition poster for the film, signed by the cast and director (claimed)
  • Cast & crew screening of RETURN TO ZERO and the after-party in Los Angeles*. From Sean, “This is a great way to get your name attached to a great feature-length film, build your IMDb resume, and schmooze with the cast and crew of the film. (***Does Not Include Travel/Lodging*** Estimated delivery: Feb 2014 Add $50 to ship outside the US).”

Thank you, for spreading the stillbirthday message that zeroes count, by joining in this opportunity to be a part of Return to Zero!


Babies’ Names

In the film credits, these read in alphabetical order


Daphne Grace Daggett,  Sophie Abigail Moddison, Ezra James Saffeels

Alexandra Margaret Holper (plus 1 ticket to the cast & crew screening of RETURN TO ZERO and the after-party in Los Angeles*)

Aiden Robert Roth, Jeremiah Oliver Roth (plus soundtrack above)

Aria Grace Helen Michael (8 contributers)

Baby Matthews

Grady Joseph Hertweck

Jaimison Henry Smith (4 contributers)

Harlow Marie Redmond

Boston Christine Neeb

Sawyer Erik Williams

Zoe Elizabeth Wood, Addie Kate Wood

Matilda Lauren

Jonathan Anthony Papik

Luke Donavan Irvin, Conner Ryan Irvin

Gabriel Green (2 contributors) (and script)

Julian Rafael Rodriguez (and digital download)

Jaxon Patrick Matulka (and short films)

Kendal Lizares

Makenna Allene Duff

Judah Jubilee Young, Gideon Young, Deborah Young ,Isaac Young, Naomi Young, Jeremiah Young, Hope Young, Caleb  Young, Joseph Young, Gabriel Christian Young, Isaiah Rae Young (2 contributors) (plus 1 ticket to the cast & crew screening of RETURN TO ZERO and the after-party in Los Angeles* and poster)

Cole Morgan Hatfield (plus 1 ticket to the cast & crew screening of RETURN TO ZERO and the after-party in Los Angeles*)

Aurelius James Ernest, Stella Aurelia

Sarah-Jane Kettewell

Maisie Renee Phegley

Caden Matthew Davis

Nash Austin Wheeler

Kailee Lynn Bellanger

Arianna Lynn Sparwasser, Brooke Elizebeth Geasey

Evelyn Marie Kunkel

Christopher Mac Ray, Tia Nicole Lynn, Eric Michael Edward

Morgyn Marie Veneklasen, Prestyn Alan Veneklasen

Isaac Brigham Nielson, Nielson Babies

Angelica Nye

Peyton Mark DeGeorge (plus 1 ticket to the cast & crew screening of RETURN TO ZERO and the after-party in Los Angeles*)

Ruthie Lou Lands

Grae Lingo

Pippa Gracie May

Myles Robert-Clifford Scott

Sienna Jeane Rubenstein

Timothy William Purdy Jr

William Carter Duffy

Kylie Nicole Helton

Titan John Harmon

Harper Grace Leach

Stephanie Joanna Schmaltz

Aiden Joshua

Zachary Bryan Spray

Grayson V Schratwieser

Payton Marie Johann, Anderson Chris Johann

Calan Chelton, Anduril Chelton

Caedmon Thies, Niahm Thies, Joyous Thies

Michael Rae Coronado

Peyton Grace McFadin

Levi Burt

Mackenzie Pearl Boggs

Alissa Samantha Soolayman

Lia Joy Mitchell & Siblings

Wyatt Kasey McCauley

Baby Cramer

Isaiah Christopher Ross

Landon James Richards

Baby Leighty

Jillian Rose Lee

June Lee Monte

Sophie Elizabeth Goodwin

Gabriel Sloan Franini

Baby Maureen Anne

Josiah Alan Kaminsky

Nathaniel Blake Jacquinot

Andrew Joseph Hefner, John Gerard Hefner

Kaidynn June Colburn

Carleigh McKenna Haas, Leah Faith Motter, Jordan Leigh Haas

Carter Cooper Barry

Lily Katherine Allen-Ball

Sydney Adriana Mohney

George Patrick Andrew Corr

Tossie Adaline Hill

Christopher Michael Hathaway

Josiah Craig Beimert

Corbin Walker Caruthers

Lily Isherwood-Connor

Samuel Evan Fredrickson

Noah Alexander Porsche

Colton Batchelor

Isla Michaela Johnston

Noah Scott Koning, Joanna Claire Koning, Emilie Alyse Koning

Joshie Curtiss

Ethan Charles Donaldson

Josiah Eugene Wilson

Christiana Karafantis

Steven Michael Toothe

Hannah Katherine Larsen


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  1. jessica and kyle richards says:

    This is an amazing thing to do. Know body knows how hard it is to loose a baby. You get told its ” its okay you can try again” or ” your time will come to have one”. Loosing a preganacy at any stage is hard. Just because we are physically able to have another baby doesnt replace the son I lost. Landon was real to my family. I held him, I kissed him, and I had to so say good bye to my baby knowing I would never see him,grow up, or hear him call me mommy. Hopefully this movie will allow people who haven’t been through this to see there is pain Behind the smile we force, and that pain may decrease but it never goes away.

  2. so glad to be able to do this!

  3. Paula Boggs says:

    There are no words for any of us to say to truly express our thankfulness for all of you doing this movie…All of us parents of child loss need to break the silence and the taboo that goes along with this subject…Our babies were and are real to us…the pain and heartbreak we experience on almost a daily basis is real…and unrelentness…and draining emotionally…physically and spiritually…We need to stand up for our babies and be their voices….The mask we wear needs to come down and allow ourselves to be able to show our emotions/thoughts/feelings with out having any judgement from society or from those who have never experienced this horrible loss….

  4. So sad I missed out on this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to seeing all of these beautiful babies names knowing how dearly loved and missed they are. x <3 o

  5. Margaret Aranowski says:

    Mother of Alexandra Margaret Holper. May my husbandScott Holper join me?


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