Showing a Difference

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Most people who know stillbirthday, know that it was created after a doctor called my deceased, 12 gestational week baby, “debris”.

Many mothers have experienced something similar.

So, stillbirthday is going to make a commercial.

We have established a special connection with Toy Box Productions .


This video commercial will let families know that they aren’t alone. 

This video commercial will help put positive pressure on more birth professionals to become better aware of the needs of families enduring pregnancy and infant loss.  I am so excited because it’s also going to feature some of my favorite birth professionals, who DO want to provide compassionate support to families enduring pregnancy & infant loss.

I am inviting you, to be a part in SHOWING A DIFFERENCE.

Starting at just $5, you can leave a message for families and birth professionals to see.

For any contribution amount to cover the cost for the video commercial, your message will be published in a special THANK YOU page at stillbirthday for helping to make this a reality.

Toy Box Productions professional videography services are approximately $2,000, but because they too understand that more birth professionals NEED to be better trained in providing comprehensive, compassionate support, they are discounting our price to $1,000!

I am inviting you, to have a real part in what this video is going to do!

You can use the quantity feature to increase your contribution amount, starting at just $5, to match what you want to give to SHOW A DIFFERENCE.  And again, for any contribution amount, your message will be published in a special THANK YOU page for making this a reality.

I will also update THIS page with the total amount and the messages.

My Special Message:

$5 – Jennifer ~ “Thank you still birthday, for everything you have done for me and my family.”

 $5 – “Your work is so important.  Thank you for helping women and their families get the support they deserve.  ~ Ideal Birth Doula Services, NC”

$5 – “Thank you for all you do for bereaved families”–Jamie Bodily, Buchheit Counseling, MO

$15 – “For my babies” ~Sarah

$20 – Thank you for the support you have offered me, and many other women, in our darkest hours and afterwards. ~Cynthia

$25 – Thank you for the support, resources, and amazing doula training you make available to so many people. Your hard work is appreciated! ~Holly

$15 – “Your work is important to me both personally and professionally.” ~ Elly Taylor, author of Becoming Us

$25 – Thank you for the work you do in honoring our complete families, and the One who created them all. ~ Curt, Kristin , and the Young Family Children

$5 – Melanie~ “Remembering Mia…”

$100 – In honor of Christopher, Tia, Eric and Christian ~Amy

$5 – “Thank you for working so hard to bring awareness about our babies and the tragedy of stillbirth…Remembering our Samantha Grace” ~Natalie

$5 – “Thank you for allowing our Angels have voices that need to be heard *R.I.P. Mackenzie Pearl*” ~Paula

$5 – “Remembering our precious daughter, Fernie Dayle Pair” ~Misty

$10 – from Holly

$20 – “Thank you for the education and support provided after the loss of my baby. In memory of all our babies that aren’t with us” ~Wendy

$5 –  “Because I wish I had known about you when my babies died.  Thank you for all that you do.”  ~Tiffany

$10 – “For B.R.” ~Lauren



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