Your Baby’s Age

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If you believe in Heaven, Eternity, or Paradise – if you believe in life after death – do you have an age in your mind, an image in your mind, of what your baby might look like?

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I love this photo, because it also shows how grandparents hold parents hold children.  It shows how our grandparents  are impacted by their family – including births and losses.

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  1. I do sometimes think of an age for my children in heaven. And, it sometimes changes. I typically think of Faith and Grace (twins born still at 26 weeks) as being in the age range of 5-8 years old. They have long wavy, brown hair with ribbons, and they are happily playing in heaven’s flower-laden meadows. I think of Thomas most of the time as a shy 3-4 year old. Sometimes, I think of him as a baby. What a day it will be when we are reunited with our precious babies in glory.

  2. I do think of my children in heaven. They are typically adult- the people God always intended them to be. They have come into the full glory of who they are as people. I see a young man- broad shouldered, handsome, aware- waiting for me. Waiting to tell me all about himself…

    I don’t know if my first child was a girl or a boy and I resist the temptation to create my child in my imagination- s/he was REAL and was a person. My imagination can’t recreate him/her… So I only imagine Anduril and imagine that Calan is ‘off screen’ waiting, too…


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