Reaching for Motherhood

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A woman.

She’s anticipated her entire life, motherhood.

She’s dreamed of it since a little girl.

Longed for it.

She’s waited for it it, charted it, temped it, felt it, timed it.

And now she’s standing in that aisle.

The one with the shelves and shelves of condoms, and in some places, other forms of emergency contraception.

She stands next to another woman.

The other woman is looking for ways to prevent motherhood.

And there they are, the two of them, shopping together.

There she is,

reaching for motherhood.

Particularly in the larger chain stores, so many items are available in multiple places:

  • kids hangers, are both in the kids section, and in the hangers section.
  • Vaseline is in the ethnic healthcare section as well as in the lotion aisle.
  • lunch boxes and travel coolers are in the school supply section as well as the camping section.

The contraception aisle might be a great place for some women to find pregnancy tests, but why not give more options to the placement of pregnancy tests?

Imagine, this woman, being able to finally enter into the baby section of the store, if she wanted to.

A section where people go for baby registries, after all.

A place that is affirming of what her dreams are.

I’m not suggesting moving all of the pregnancy tests to the baby section – but, why not give more options to where women can find them?

Imagine, what would it mean, for this woman, to simply know she has the choice to determine where she will go when

reaching for motherhood.






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