Bald and Bereaved

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As far back as biblical times, there has been a connection with shaving hair and mourning (such as Micah 1:16).

In more recent times, there are studies that indicates women cutting their hair after major life events – breakups in particular.

And even among those who trim our locks, there are differing reasons for it:

“You can’t change the situation. But with hair you’re given the chance to change it and move on.”

“I didn’t think cutting my hair would help me cope… but would help me separate my life from the one I made with him,”

Source of quotes: How a Haircut Helps You Cope

And yet others, they think it has something to do with an underlying anger or hostility toward our husbands (source).  It might be connected to feelings of despair – a beautiful fresh hair style can help boost your self esteem, but a very radical change driven by impulse might also have a very negative effect.

So, what about you?

Have you changed your hair style since your bereavement?  Did it offer a needed freshness?  Was it a radically drastic hair style change?  Have you ever noticed the correlation of feelings and hair styles before?


Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to two beautiful stillbirthday mothers, Kat, for bravely asking such a question, and Nicole, for shining some light in how to answer it.


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