Day of the Midwife

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The Sunday before Mothers day is International Bereaved Mothers day.  It is a day founded by Carly Marie of Project Heal, in honor of her son Christian, and all of our children.

It is also Day of the Midwife.

Families who endure unexpected infant loss when planning a midwife attended homebirth may face unique challenges in their bereavement journey, and while stillbirthday supports out-of-hospital birth as a valid option, we first and foremost desire to create an environment here where all bereaved families and the professionals who care for them feel supported.

Many, many midwives have brought a very special role to birth and/or to bereavement.

Ina May Gaskin, the former President of Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), is a mother who herself gave birth to a precious baby boy, Christian, who did not live.  Ina May has trailblazed in providing awareness to birthing options for mothers (in particular, planned homebirth), and yet her entire lifetime career hearkens me back to those days, so long ago, that hold her Christian’s story.

I imagine that wild child, so many years ago, giving birth to such a tiny baby.

In my heart, I see a young mother, holding her precious, tiny – so tiny – little boy, begging him to gain strength.  Hoping.  Fearful.  Praying.

And then, to have the news passed around to her traveling caravan.  To prepare a simple ceremony – I wonder what that process was like for her.  What feelings she had.  If she felt understood and loved and supported.

And then, to finish the expedition to Tennessee.  To just get grounded and settled.  To begin a lifelong adventure of supporting other mothers as they give birth.

To give birth again, herself.

For the young mother to emerge from that bus, in a different state – and, a different state – looking up as sunshine splashed upon her face, and the soft breeze moved through her hair.  This young mother, with a new determination and a fresh understanding of the power of childbirth.

And then her midwifery journey began.

I am thankful for Ina May’s words to stillbirthday

Keep up the good work…”






Cathy Gordon, CNM is an exceptional midwife and author of the book “All Babies are Born“.

She also delivered my “rainbow” baby.







Midwives have successfully completed our birth and bereavement training and are now, additionally, credentialed SBD doulas.

SBD further offers a Midwife of Thanatology program.  Upon successful completion, graduates earn the credential of SBD Chaplain.



Stillbirthday says “THANK YOU” to all of the special midwives who support stillbirthday and our families.

Stillbirthday honors those midwives who are also bereaved mothers and grandmothers themselves.

May you have a gentle Day of the Bereaved Midwife.



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