Summer School Savings

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Each SBD doula training just keeps getting better and better.

Our next class begins August 5, and because I’m so determined to reach as many mothers as possible, I’m offering a couple really fantastic specials.  Check them out:

For BWF Fans

Birth Without Fear is an organization that provides encouragement and inspiration to pregnant mothers.  Bridging between birth options and putting an end to peer pressure in pregnancy and motherhood, BWF uplifts and empowers mothers of all experiences and birth choices.  Anyone registering for our training who are Birth Without Fear fans, gets to select a necklace for themselves from the Birth Without Fear necklace line.

In addition, one necklace will also be given away through stillbirthday for our SBD Mothers.  Each of these giveaway winners will then have the choice between a necklace from the BWF line, or the necklace chosen below from La Belle Dame.

That’s right – each BWF fan registration means stillbirthday will purchase two necklaces, connecting BWF, stillbirthday doula students, and the stillbirthday community, together.

For SS Fans

Still Standing is an online magazine created by Franchesca Cox, a bereaved mother who has brought enormous amounts of love and healing into the bereaved community.  Besides being the web designer of stillbirthday, she is also the creator of Small Bird Studios and the author of Celebrating Pregnancy Again, a book that points to the particular joys and difficulties that can present themselves in subsequent/rainbow pregnancies after loss.  Still Standing online magazine has an emphasis on story sharing and articles pertaining to, among other important things, struggles with fertility and life after loss.  Anyone registering for our training who are Still Standing fans, get to be entered to have 50 copies of Franchesca’s book, Celebrating Pregnancy Again, delivered to their chosen maternity hospital, OB center or birth center.

In addition, each SS fan will be automatically entered for each BWF necklace giveaway through stillbirthday for our SBD Mothers.


Get registered!

Click here to visit our SBD doula registration page!  Don’t forget to include which summer school savings – BWF or SS – you are taking advantage of!  These are the networking codes that must be entered at time of registration, and are not valid with any other offer.

Click to view the BWF necklace line.

Click to view the La Belle Dame necklace.

Click to view more about Franchesca’s book. 


Fine Print

You can only pick one of the three specials.  They are not good with any other offer.

Please be sure you note in your registration message:

  • which of the three specials you are participating in.
  • any difference in shipping address.

I will contact you via email to confirm your BWF necklace selection after your registration is complete.

For the Celebrating Pregnancy Again location selection:

  • I will need to contact and confirm with the location that they will receive the books.
  • alternative locations may need to be selected.

Your registration (including payment) must be complete by July 31, 2013.

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