Pledge to Be Me

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We are all in this together. If you are around me for any amount of time, you will know that this is a mantra of mine, an expression that comes from my heart and is something I fully believe in. I’ve shared before at stillbirthday, the importance of our individuality and the importance of our community. It can be a challenge, finding our individuality on our grief journey. Stillbirthday has a Facebook page and a Twitter page, to reach more families and lead them to the resources here. How it works:

  1. Write your thoughts on your own wall, on the stillbirthday wall, or in our private Stillbirthday Support Group on Facebook (you can write your story or a piece of your story on our Facebook wall, and when you do, it will be placed within a stillbirthday URL as well).  
  2. Use the hashtags:  #stillbirthday #pledgetobeme

That’s it.  It’s really that simple. What you can share:

  • A positive truth about you!  I am a bereaved mother, and I can say at least one positive thing about myself.  I invite you to as well.
  • Your favorite resources.  I love connecting, but that doesn’t mean I can always endorse.  Now you can share your favorites.
  • Your favorite things – saw a pretty butterfly today?  Give a shout out to nature’s beauty!

What does it mean, to pledge to be me?

  1. It means that you allow yourself the permission and the safe space to explore your own authentic journey.
  2. It means that you honor those in our community who do the same – let’s share and give credit to our favorite places and things!

We are all in this together.


Be You.

Share You.

Heal You.

#stillbirthday #pledgetobeme

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