My Boys

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Told by: Jodie

In 2009 my 15 month old drowned.  Then on his 3rd birthday, I was 37 weeks pregnant and my placenta ruptured in delivering my stillborn son it was so hard being his brothers birthday.

And in April of last year I found out I was pregnant. I went my 30 week prenatal appointment on a Thursday, and my doctor said everything looked good,  then told me to come back in 2 weeks.

On Monday I felt sick so after I put my older kids on the bus I went back to bed. I woke up around 11 cramping, went to the bathroom and laid back down. After timing I  realized I was in was in labor and my right leg went numb. I called my husband, he came home and we went to the hospital. During an ultrasound it showed no heart beat, and they couldn’t find the placenta.

I delivered my stillborn son.   When they delivered the placenta they said it didn’t tear or rupture it actually exploded. And that I bled 4 pints of blood into my stomach and the pressure is what made my leg numb.


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