Brampton Birth Professionals Workshop

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Heidi Faith is presenting a Birth Professionals Workshop in Brampton Ontario Canada on Saturday, February 1, 2014. Hosted by Pam Soltesz of Heaven’s Heartbeat Childbirth Services and captured in photograph by {born} Calla Evans photography, serving the greater Toronto area.

Venue: St. Paul’s United Church

We’re in the “Community Room”, entrance off John Street, east of Hurontario St. (aka Main Street or Hwy 10)

Time: 10am – 4pm

Currently Registered Attendees: 13

Next group email will be sent: 01.21.14

You can visit our Facebook event page as well.

What we will explore:

  • Preparing our hearts for supporting during birth in any trimester and exploring the vast emotional and spiritual potential implications of pregnancy and infant loss.
  • Practical guidance for supporting during labor, birth and infant death, including: appropriate diagnosis or death notification, creating the birth place for at home birth in early pregnancy, bathing a stillborn baby, working with other birth and bereavement professionals, learning how and why to be fully present and learning how to mirror.
  • Identifying and utilizing our own support needs.

What you will gain:

  • 100% tuition scholarship toward our full online birth & bereavement training (a $250 value), redeemable for any 2014 session
  • hands on experiential learning
  • safe and trusted space to explore important but difficult factors in your professional role, and to share about your own personal experiences
  • helpful items, resources and information to have in your toolkit


Baby Miriam, one of several mannequins brought to workshops.

 Baby Sam, one of several mannequins brought to workshops.


The beauty of our gathering will be captured by {born} Calla Evans photography.

You can visit Heidi Faith’s Facebook page  or our Birth Professionals Workshops page for more information.

Once you complete your payment below, please feel free to visit the full online training page, and you can select which 2014 online session is right for you (you can change this selection at any time).  This will also help you and I stay connected.  Just use the application form at the registration page (do not submit payment for the training session, as it is complimentary with your purchase below).


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