My Two Rainbows

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Told by: Susan

This is my 3 year old daughter Sarah, holding her baby brother Tobias. These are my rainbow babies!

Sarah lost her twin at 17 weeks gestation. I delivered both Sarah and her twin at 41 weeks. I had been told that I most likely would not be able to see her twin. But at delivery, there they both were. In fact, they had to still cut the twins cord!! I was able to see my twins together. It provided some healing and closure for me.
Tobias was conceived 4 months after we lost his sister, Naomi Grace at 39 weeks due to a true knot in her cord. Tobias was born healthy, and breathing at 40 weeks 1 day with 2 true knots, almost on top of each other! It was surreal to know how close we came to burying another child.


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