Sending Love

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This is a very powerful image, and I’m sharing it because it also has a very powerful message.
I want to bring your attention to the “e” in the photo.  Do you see that tiny little knot?  That tiny little knot can turn out to be a devastatingly and catastrophically big deal.
“Cord related accidents” have brought many, many of us here on this journey of bereavement.
What I want to point out about this tiny little knot, is that it doesn’t stop the message – to your baby, or to us, seeing this photo.
And that message is, love.
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  1. This is SO amazingly beautiful and impactful. We lost our son to a cord accident (though it wasn’t a knot) at 42 weeks during delivery and I just wanted to thank you for sharing this wondrous depiction of pure love. It truly spoke to me.


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