Miss Lil Toes

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This Christmas, you can adorn your home with the first ever, stillbirthday exclusive Miss Lil Toes.

A mistletoe made of soft felted wool that invites you to touch it’s durable and long lasting leaves, will be a decoration you can bring out for many, many Christmas and holiday seasons.  It is built with both softness and durability in mind.

What makes this mistletoe so special, is that it also wears a gorgeous pink & blue remembrance ribbon.


The symbolism of this is very important –

So often pregnancy and infant loss challenges marriages and creates festering divisions where healing and togetherness ought to be.

We miss, those little toes.  We miss, our babies.

Mistletoes, though, bring us together.  We look above, we smile, we connect with our loved ones with a kiss.

The stillbirthday Miss Lil Toes can be a charming and lovely way to bring remembrance,  joy and healing into your home.

This very special holiday item is available for $24 with free shipping and handling.  There are limited quantities.  Or if you just like the idea and already own a mistletoe, you can get your own remembrance ribbon (I recommend visiting Sufficient Grace Ministries for one) and just attaching it to the one you own!



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