A Warm Farewell

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It is with a heavy heart but with a great anticipation that stillbirthday has accepted Angie Chelton’s official resignation from her role here at stillbirthday as a co-teacher for our doula training.

While Angelique is no long affiliated with stillbirthday, we are reminded of the enormity of pregnancy and infant loss, and the vast and expanding baby loss bereaved community.

While stillbirthday will remain steadfast in being the most accessible, most affordable, most trusted, most comprehensive training to prepare the strongest birth & bereavement doulas possible, we embrace the multiple ways, platforms, and opportunities to shape the minds and hearts of those willing to step into the difficult role of birth & bereavement support, and we recognize that Angie’s decision to provide her services under her own name may be just the right way, just the right program to reach a willing heart who would otherwise not be prepared to follow through with the call to such a role, and we do applaud her for her passion to equip professionals serving the bereaved community.  This desire is needed.  We are just as surprised as you are by the swiftness of this decision, and we would have loved to have prepared our community for more of a gradual departure, but we are confidently hopeful that her role here at stillbirthday and her exposure to the wealth of information, resources and experiences poured into our community and training has equipped her with the strong foundation of knowledgeable support she will need in her new independent role and that it will show in the love she has to bring and the integrity we hope she demonstrates through her services now and in the future.





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