I Know You are There

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Shared by: Karen


My heart is breaking yet again. I don’t even know what to say to you. Losing Rebekah all those years ago was so terribly hard. You saw how I suffered her loss. You were there for me no matter how low I got. You stayed with me in the delivery room and supported me through the whole process. You worried about me and suffered with me, but never made me feel I shouldn’t be so sad.

I was still mourning her loss when you became ill a year later. Going through the two years of illness with you before you joined her in heaven was so hard. It took me years, and I don’t think I ever truly recovered. It did help in some small measure to think of the two of you being together. And now, Doug, our oldest son has joined you in heaven. His loss was so sudden, I’m still reeling. It still doesn’t seem quite real. I so wish you were here to help me through this.

Derrick missed you so much. I am sure he was very excited to see you and his sister. I have always felt you and Rebekah up there watching over us. Now Derrick will too. We need your help to take care of the children. I got ours raised, but now Derrick’s children will be growing up without their dad. It doesn’t seem right for this to be happening again, but I know you are with up. While I wish you were still here to comfort me, at least I know you are with my lost babies. I’m glad to know you continue to be there for me and to keep taking care of the babies you have with you.

Your loving wife,




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