The Privilege to Give

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In my earliest days, in my darkest days of grief, I remember distinctly, the bitter feeling that swept over me when we sat, my husband and I, at the little cold table in the funeral home, looking at the prices of caskets.

Somehow, inherently, the feeling become present.  Almost tangible.

That feeling, that the amount of money you happen to have in your pocket on the day your baby dies, determines the worth of your baby.

Bereaved parents, you know what I’m talking about.

So in my earliest days, in my darkest days, I was feeling pretty defensive about finances, and maybe even, dare I say, entitled.  What can I say?  My feelings were raw.  I was in the chasm.

But since then, I am here.  Two years later.

I would have spent $1,000 in diapers to cover his sweet little bum by now.

And I realize, I didn’t save money by not rearing him.

I realize, I want to give.

And, where we invest our money, we invest our hearts.  Our care and attention.

We have a doula program here at stillbirthday.

It is a program that prepares those individuals willing to step into the space where birth & bereavement meet, and with academic knowledge and emotional strength, provide options, information and tools necessary to offer the strongest foundation for that family to begin their grief journey.

But oftentimes, those who have the hearts to be in that place, don’t always have the finances to do so.

I don’t want those willing, loving individuals to be held back because of finances, so for every prospective doula student who comes to stillbirthday with that willing heart but without the finances to support it, those individuals can list their names in our Student Sponsorship program.  And for doing so, their tuition is automatically reduced 50%.  That’s right, by 50%.  Because if they are willing to ask for help, I will do what I can to help.

Click the jar to be taken to our Student Sponsorship page and give.

And I know I’m not alone.

I know that there are many others, just like me, who are feeling that stirring in their heart, that prompting in their mind that says

“It is a privilege to give.”

These students on our sponsorship waiting list, they need your financial contribution.  From as little as $25, you can see your name and your contribution added to our sponsorship page – directly impacting the experiences of the newest families entering the darkness of bereavement.

For as little as $25, you can dramatically and directly make a difference.  You can bring light into the chasm.

And because I am so committed to equip these waiting students and the families they will serve, I will announce a great giveaway for every sponsor who gives the total sponsorship tuition ($125) for one student or more at the end of each month.  Not to confuse your sponsoring a student with your joining into any kind of a raffle, the details regarding the giveaway are included in this separate link.

Please, if you feel so led, come celebrate the privilege to give.

Giving of your finances will grow the investment of your love.

Click the jar to be taken to our Student Sponsorship page and give.

What will happen to your finances?

Not only will it cover the cost of equipping the student with academic supplies such as the student accounts in SBD University, but every dollar is immediately invested back into tangible service to families: M0M Center costs, toward the cost of our upcoming Android and iPhone application SBD Connect, and lowering the cost of other stillbirthday events including Love Wildly.

When mothers learn that they are pregnant, if we own a smartphone device, we might install a pregnancy application, such as one that tells us about the newest developments in the baby, or healthy food suggestions.

Imagine with me, the mother who has the ultrasound, where she discovers, entirely unexpectedly, that her baby is not alive.

Oftentimes, that mother is not only alone, but that mother is so upset that she may need to wait and have a loved one come to the doctor’s office to drive her home.

With no one there with her.

But she might have her phone.

She might have that app.

And when she goes to uninstall that pregnancy app – stillbirthday wants to be there.

We are already working with an app developer, and having an app of our own sets the platform for exponential opportunities to reach the newest bereaved mothers and families.

We are doing this, and more.

So when I ask you to give of your finances, to equip a student,

and when I tell you that your investment of love will grow exponentially,

I mean it with all of my heart.

Please, give.

Click the jar to be taken to our Student Sponsorship page and give.


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