Held by Natalie Grant

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Contributed by: Deana

As a part of the SBD News Team


The song Held by Natalie Grant is such a powerful song. I don’t know the intended meaning behind this song but this is what it means to me. Natalie is singing about the loss of a baby at 2 months old. She speaks about being held by a higher power, perhaps God, helping her through the pain and grief. She sings of the pain of losing something or someone so sacred and important to her. The grief process is not instant. It takes a lot of time. For her, it’s a nightmare that a baby would die. She doesn’t know why it would happen to someone, it’s unfair. There is a promise that you’ll be loved by those around you. Family, friends, God or another higher power are there to guide you and support you through the tough times. Slowly with time, you see tomorrow. Hope is here. You are held, and loved. Hope comes through the suffering of losing a baby, at any trimester. This song has been the song I listen to during tough times. It always calms me down and brings me back to God, and remember I am strong and can get through anything. We at Stillbirthday are here for you. We’ll hold you and support you in any way that we can.


 What does the song Held mean to you?

Deana is a thanatology student at King’s University College, in London, Canada. She would like to work with families who have experienced prenatal, infant loss and pregnancy in any trimester. Starting in January 2014, she will begin her Stillbirthday Doula training.


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  1. I too love this song..This artist! I listen to this song during hard times..I also listen to her song “In better hands now”. That song reminds me that I am in His hands He has it all under control even when it feels as though everything is spinning out of control. He has the whole world in His hands. ♡♡♡

  2. Lisa DeLuna says:

    I lost a daughter at 21 week in 2007. My water broke and I went into early labor. This song has always touched my heart. Thanks for sharing

  3. Patricia Uyehara says:

    Wow. After almost 7 years of losing our infant daughter, I still miss her everyday. I know Jesus wept with us but this song put into beautiful words. I always say some people dream of meeting Angels, we were blessed to hold one in our arms.


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