Christelle Hagen, SBD

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Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® serving St. Croix Valley, Minnesota

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Certified in Psychological First Aid


Helping families grow and thrive is my passion and mission in life.  My interest in all things baby began back in 1998 when my then-new husband, Chris, and I were surprised and pleased to discover that we were having a baby within a year of our wedding!  Sadly, our well-wanted child died in my womb, followed by her next sibling.  As part of my grieving process, I found that I couldn’t get enough of learning about pregnancy and birth, and I would eventually become a Fertility Educator, certified childbirth educator, certified baby signs instructor and certified birth & bereavement doula.  In the midst of all that studying and working, I bore six living children and we said good-bye to three others.  
I also have experienced a baby born lifeless who was resuscitated and spent several weeks in the NICU.  This experience has convinced me of the unique needs of parents with a hospitalized newborn.  I have been prepared, not only from my own experience, but through my training, to serve families with a baby in the NICU, especially those interested in breastfeeding.  
It is my joy to help couples become families, my privilege to serve families in crisis, and my honor to companion parents as they birth and grieve their precious babies who have passed away.  Whether your journey to parenthood includes the joyous hope of a living child, the stress of an uncertain prognosis, or the pain of loss, it would be an honor and a blessing for me to serve you.  I am available for mothers and families in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and western Wisconsin region who desire face-to-face assistance, and by email or phone (during my business hours) for families anywhere.  You are cordially invited to visit my website at  You are also welcome to learn more about the Tiny Treasures Love Cupboard, a FREE baby and maternity clothing donation program that I offer to families facing or experiencing loss at



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