El Momento mas Importante

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Told by: Maria

” A la noche nos toco contarle a mi familia, todos lloraron de emoción y alegria, mi papa P, mi mama Mm, y mi hermana menor Hm, mi Abuela B, fue un momento de mucha felicidad, era el momento mas importante de mi vida luego del casamiento.”

An excerpt from my journal on the day I discovered I was pregnant:

“That night we planned to tell my family.  They all cried with excitement and joy, my papa P , my mom Mm, and my younger sister Hm, my Grandma B.  It was a moment of great happiness.  It was the most important moment of my life after marriage.”


Hi, I am from Latin America.  I am going through trofoblastic disease/molar pregnancy chemotherapy and would like to connect with women who are in the same situation as me. Right now I finished my first week of mtx & levocarin (vitamin). I am feeling quite well, except from some nausea and weakness.




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