Unconditional Love

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Contributed by: Deana Ruston, SBD


This song makes me wonder—and maybe even just a little helps me realize—what it’s like for a family finding out their baby has a life limiting diagnosis. Not everyone experiences the same emotions, but this song speaks volumes to me about the unconditional love a family has for their precious child.

Vividly taking us inside to hear what emotions and thoughts a Mother may have, this song is such an voice to families facing imaginable pain and heartbreak. Their world, which may have been of cheer and happiness, may be clouded with hurt and sorrow. Some may worry about getting too close to their child, only for them to not survive outside the womb. What heartbreak these families face. These children are worthy and we love them no matter what. We want you too, to be free and love your child no matter what. Please, open up and let the love grow—we’re here for you. There others here who have walked this path, you are not alone and we’re ready when you are. Take a seat, grab a cozy blanket and breathe. It is all okay. We are here now.

This song to me is an anthem. Katy Perry has brought to the forefront emotions experienced by families all around the world. Our unconditional love for our families, no matter what, is so, so important.


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