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Told by: Maria

I found out on August 26, 2013 that I was pregnant. I was so scared,but so happy at he same time . On October 7th, I found out that I was 8 weeks and two days. I grew bigger and bigger every day, looking as if I was six months at only four. On January 16, 2014 we found out we were having a beautiful little girl, we named her Avarie Justine. At 22 weeks, we went for an ultrasound, there was signs that she may have problems, but all the tests came back negative. Two weeks later, we went for another and found that somehow over time, she had adapted to only having one artery in her umbilical cord, when before she had had both. On February 3rd, we were informed that our daughter no longer had a heart beat, we were devastated. On February 5th I was induced, at 6:00 pm, I had her at 3:22 am on Feb 6, 2014.

She was beautiful, just like I knew she would be. 14 1/2 ounces and 11.5 inches long.

I only had 13 weeks left when I gave birth to my sleeping child, no one knows what went wrong, except for God. Now I have a beautiful angel baby, and I will see her again some day. She’s our everything, and will always be our first born.

Her due date was May 15th, now we have decided that we will be getting married that date. It hurts, it hurts so bad, and I can’t help but blame myself, but I know that she was too perfect for this world, and the Lord had better plans. We love you sweet girl.

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