12.13.14 Love Wildly

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Our first Love Wildly!



If you are a bereaved mom, you are invited to Love Wildly.

~October 15 is the Last Day to Register~

This is a weekend full of encouraging and enriching activities, sharing, personal growth, and it concludes with a gorgeous ceremony as we moms make a vow to Love Wildly. That’s right, we’re dressing up and feeling beautiful, just like a wedding, and complete with bouquets and gifts for you, too.

What does it mean to Love Wildly? It means that we honor that to Mother Our Mourning, we need to give feelings like shame or fear the discipline not to overcome us, while we also need to give our feelings like hope and joy the permission to be expressed fully, deeply, profoundly.

We know that having living children or being married can offer many pleasures, but that our responsibilities to those in our family can sometimes feel like a barrier to healing when we’re just really needing to unpack some feelings but also needing to tend to the needs of others. If this is you, then I invite you to bring the kiddos and your spouse. They’ll have a great time at Great Wolf Lodge, and maybe for the first time ever, they’ll be thrilled to have a vacation while mom gets to explore your feelings.

Whatever situation you are in, whatever your other responsibilities are, I encourage you to Love Wildly. It will be a weekend filled with healing, and it will change your life. I vow to Love Wildly. I hope you will, too.


  • 2 night resort stay at Great Wolf Lodge: options for MOMs traveling with & without families. This is a family resort, so all stillbirthday families are invited. The stillbirthday events, however, are just for mothers. This can be a full family vacation, plus a refreshing retreat for you, all at once.
  • Snowland at the Lodge means a magical place of unexpected snowflakes and twinkling lights.
  • Whirlpool Fireplace Suite is available just for stillbirthday moms to have a special respite for a quiet space whenever you desire some quiet, reflecting time. Your own suite and the event space are also quiet and safe places for reflecting and resting.
  • State-of-the-art 2,100 square feet meeting space for our workshop activities, Saturday evening meal and ceremony.
  • On site professional spa provides massage, makeup and more.
  • Special snacks throughout the day on 12.13.14 and a complete gourmet dinner following the vow ceremony.
  • Restaurant Dining & Retail Shopping within Resort (fridge & microwave also provided in each suite)
  • Indoor water park & jumbo whirlpools just for us guests.
  • Unicorn Wands (I am sure were made just for my friend Mrs. Birth Without Fear).

Checking In

  • Check in Friday. Pre-check in starts at 1pm, which means you can start swimming! Room check in is at 4pm. MOM events are all day Saturday, check out Sunday morning at 11am.
  • Family ticket pricing: the lodge officially accomodates 6 people per suite (two per bed plus pull-out couch) and 6 pool passes.
  • “I’ll take the couch” pricing: there may be 3 MOMs in room, including the queen size pull-out couch bed.
  • Shared room pricing: you’ll be paired with another SBD MOM for an awesome rate for each of you. You’ll each have your own, queen size bed.
  • Party Bus pricing: after you complete your registration payment below, you’ll be directed to our confirmation page. You will need to use the contact form to list the names in your party (up to 6 total including you, which means 2 per bed & pull out bed couch. They don’t need to drive/arrive with you but you are listing them as part of your package purchase, so they’ll each partially reimburse you – $100 each might work well – for your reservation price).
  • Rainbow Milk MOMs: please indicate at registration if you’ll be attending solo with an infant, as Rainbow Milk MOMs will be roomed and teamed together. This means that as a Rainbow Milk MOM, you’ll partner together to help one another so that you can quickly depart from any session to tend to your baby. We’ll have baby monitors available as a helpful tool for Rainbow Milk MOMs to team together. These tools will allow you to bring your baby while also honoring the space needed for mothers working through lots of important feelings.
    • At check-in: SBD will have program information.


Driving Directions:

  • Navigation or GPS device:10401 Cabela Drive Kansas City, KS 66111
  • From Lincoln, NE or Des Moines, IA (North):Take I-435 South toward Topeka, exit at State Avenue West . The lodge is 1/8 mile off the exit to the west.
  • From Wichita, KS or Tulsa, OK (South):Take I-435 North, exit at State Avenue West. The lodge is 1/8 mile off the exit to the west.
  • From Topeka, KS (West):Take I-70 East to I-435 North. Exit at 13B, State Ave West. Go west 1/8 mile, the lodge is on the right.
  • From Jefferson City, MO or St.Louis, MO (East):Take I-70 West through Kansas City, MO (avoid I-435 exit in Missouri). Continue to I-435 North, exit at 13B, State Avenue West. Go west 1/8 mile, the lodge is on the right.
  • Resort Direct: 913.299.7001


Event Program

Friday 12.12.14

DADchelor Party: an hour just for the guys, with goofy games, fierce competition and talking out the awesome responsibilities of being DAD, and all that it means. Let’s be real. The MOMs are making vows to Love Wildly, and the guys are probably not too sure what that means for them. If you’re a guy and your spouse is a bereaved mother, this hour will be so awesome for you. The guys will be having their DADchelor party while everyone else can be meeting each other informally and just getting settled in. From 6pm-7pm (ish). Stillbirthday DADchelor parties are derived from the genius idea from Daddy & Co, the designers of Daddy Scrubs! Stillbirthday is proud to present Daddy Scrub freebie merchandise for DADs attending Love Wildly!

Saturday 12.13.14

Just for MOMs: full day events in the meeting space begin in the morning (your family can enjoy the indoor water park during our time together). Plenty of reflection & rejuvenation breaks provided. You can click here for a few photos to have an idea of what our retreat will be like.

Love Wildly is most relevant for women who have struggled with fertility or who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss for any reason or at any time in infancy, but if you have experienced older child loss you are also still very much invited to attend. I just have a heart to be sensitive to those who might not find as many treasures from the parallels of pregnancy and grief that will be cultivated and expressed during our time together. If you love the idea of Love Wildly but have not experienced such loss yourself, please know this event is for a specific direction and healing, and I invite you to explore other events that might serve your needs more appropriately.

7am: MOMs meet in the Fireplace Suite

  • warm morning drinks and fruit

8am – 3pm: various MOM sessions

  • Lost in the Wilderness
  • Out of Order: When the Gs & Ps don’t line up & other messes we face
  • The constriction of fear, the wrapping of Love
  • Finding Myself, My Self, and My Love
  • From the Trees
  • Falling, Stumbling, Stepping forward in Love
  • Bouquet Weaving
  • Sisterhood Circle grieving dads

Places We’ll Walk

  • Fertility Struggles & Trying to Conceive
  • Emotional Neglect & Abandonment
  • Identifying Terms: grief, holistic, love and more
  • Identity & Worth
  • Intimacy & Sexuality


  • Optional Session for Couples: Subsequent Pregnancy, Birth, Rearing, Healing
  • mini activity session for siblings including “How I Feel” coloring books

(final session)

  • Building the Nest to Give Birth to Healing, with breakout jewelry nest crafting session by Bellas Little Birdies

3pm – 5pm: pause (preparing for the ceremony)

  • We’ll be getting into our gowns for the ceremony!

5pm – 6pm: Love Wildly ceremony of MOM vows

Formal vow ceremony and Hearts Release

  • begins in the evening. Bring your nicest evening gown (or, the outfit you feel nicest in!) for this part of the event. We’ll be making formal devotions to Love Wildly. You are welcome, but not required, to invite your loved ones to enjoy the weekend and to witness your reading of your love dedication during our ceremony. Loved ones can register right here as well.

“I am a Mother of Valor!


Not sure what to wear for your Love Wildly ceremony?

Altar Bridal is offering an exclusive Love Wildly promotional savings on any of their gowns!

Select an evening gown, bridal or bridesmaid gown and receive amazing savings. After the event, you are invited to gift your gown to stillbirthday, to be made into several beautiful infant burial gowns to be given to newly bereaved families.



6pm – into evening: meal

  • A hot, filling meal for everyone, followed by dessert bar

Each MOM will receive

  • special scrapbooking journal made especially for our event
  • beautiful items to make your bouquet
  • valuable keepsake to commemorate your vows
  • we’ll have kits for kids and items for dads if you’re bringing your family
  • resort lodging for two nights, snacks on Saturday and a nice meal Saturday night
  • amazing friendships, memories, love and healing
  • and more…

Love Wildly ceremony jewelry designed by Sue Ella Signature Designs, Australia



. .



Love Wildly Registration

If you’re registering for yourself or 1 MOM, just complete the first payment option and SBD will do the rest.

Your 2 night resort overnight stay, the pool/swimming area, event space, ceremony meal, workshop activities and SBD gifts are all included in your package purchase (reservations must be in accordance to Great Wolf Lodge policies, include your agreement to be photographed and a total waiver of stillbirthday liability of any unforeseen incident or injury at the Lodge). Once payment is complete you’ll be automatically directed to our retreat confirmation page. Gift certificates are available. Because of the unique nature of planning special items, meal and lodging for each registration, there are no refunds available.

Invest in your Love journey and reserve your place at Love Wildly today.

M0M Ticket / SBD will match your roommate(s)

[wp_cart_button name=”M0M (1 Ticket / SBD will match your roommate(s)” price=”240.00″]


Bring a Friend (2 M0M Tickets)

[wp_cart_button name=”Bring a Friend (2 Tickets / room pair)” price=”440.00″]


M0M & Fam (1 Ticket/1 room)

[wp_cart_button name=”M0M & Fam (1 Ticket / 1 room)” price=”350.00″]


I’ll take the couch (1 Ticket/1 couch reservation)

[wp_cart_button name=”I’ll take the couch (1 Ticket / couch reservation)” price=”200.00″]


Party Bus (6 Tickets/ 2 per bed/couch)

[wp_cart_button name=”Party Bus (6 tickets / 2 paired per bed/couch” price=”600.00″]


Click here to learn about our Love Wildly installment options!

Click here to send in Sibling Rings for the event!





“Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, for our vines have tender grapes…”

“I looked up and saw people like trees…”

“The devotion of my youth is remembered, as is my love as a bride, and how I was not alone in the wilderness…”


Speakers, Sponsors, Vendors

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If you’re interested in being a speaker at Love Wildly, please contact Heidi Faith directly at heidi.faith@stillbirthday.com.

  • Heidi Faith, stillbirthday founder
  • Dawn Gilner, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, founder Maguire Davis Gilner Foundation
  • Blake & Stephanie Nalley SBD, co-leaders of stillbirthday Journeys for couples.
  • Deana Ruston, SBD


  • Sponsors bring more specials and more savings options to the mothers attending.
  • Vendors add theme-specific items to each MOM gift bag.
  • Speakers bring more encouragement and support to the mothers attending.
  • please review our event sponsorship information.




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