Milo’s Mummy

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Told by: Milo’s Mummy

On the 27th of July 2014 at 4 am I gave birth to my little baby boy Milo.

At the start of my pregnancy I had a big bleed and on my 12 week scan they had told me that my body was threatening to miscarry but my baby was healthy and had a very good heartbeat . I had bled all the way to the end when Milo was born.  I can’t even say if he was alive when he was born as I gave birth to him on the toilet and no one checked him for 10-15 minutes.  I was so scared to look at my own baby because of what I might see.

We had his funeral and now have somewhere to visit him . Since the day Milo became an angel I can’t sleep; he’s on my mind all the time and I have so many questions I need answering I don’t know if this is normal? And I really don’t know how to get myself back to normal.


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