Immediate Decisions Book Giveaway

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For three years, stillbirthday has offered support prior to, during and after birth in any trimester and with any expected or unexpected diagnosis or outcome, including NICU, and pregnancy and infant loss.


Now, we are offering the most frequently visited site pages in the form of a printed book!


“Immediate Decisions” Books Now Available

These little booklets, about 200 pages, contain the most frequently visited pages of stillbirthday:


  • **Types of Loss (“what’s happening” and how it’s explained compassionately)
  • **Birth Methods (“what my provider told me we need to do” and how it’s explained personally)
  • **Birth Plans (“how can I still have options from within the birth method my provider and I think is best?”)
  • Includes commentary and helpful healing activity and quotes pages.



We also have helpful hospital brochures
you can print and freely distribute from this page about our doulas.



About the Giveaway

This giveaway is your chance to nominate your local hospital (particularly maternity hospital), independent ultrasound facility or birthing center.  Share the name of the institution and why you’d like them to win.  It doesn’t matter how many books they ask for, stillbirthday will issue that facility enough books they need to get started in supporting families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss.

When families learn that their baby is not alive, this book reaching them can guide them into the validation they deserve, along with the immediate, real practical information they need for the many decisions they face.  This is a wonderful way to let a freshly bereaved mother hold onto something tangible as she tries to make sense of quite possibly the darkest days of her life.

Just leave a comment below to enter, with your nomination!  Each nomination will be entered into the giveaway, and this gives you the chance to express in your own words what it will mean to you to know that your nominated facility will have a way of supporting families in those most immediate moments.

One random entry will be chosen on October 10, so that the named institution can be connected before October 15, International Remembrance day.

Every location and every applicable facility can be nominated, any individual can nominate, you can nominate more than one facility, and the same facility can be nominated by more than one person!

Every effort will be made to ensure the chosen location receives their necessary starting amount, which may be any number from 10 to 100 books.  If the chosen location is not reachable, the nominee will select a second location.

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If you Want Your Own Copy/ies

Right now the Immediate Decisions books are available in these versions, and include shipping:










If you need immediate support, please do not wait for the book.  Please visit the resources throughout stillbirthday for support prior to, during and after birth in any trimester.  We don’t offer tracking for international orders to keep a realistic cost for you.  Shipping times vary.

Please note that the versions translated from English may contain translation errors.




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  1. I’d like to nominate White River Medial Center because it serves a wide rural area and does not have a bereavement program in place.

  2. Kourtney Cox says:

    i want to change the way ob drs treat mom’s like me
    the memorial hospital clinic in craig colorado needs these..the ob dr i went to said I’m sorry no heartbeat and sent me home to wait in tell the morning with NO information not even i flier or book! i will make a change for my son Jace 3/19/14

  3. Staci Luker says:

    Rush Foundation Hospital, Meridian, MS

  4. Devon Hernandez says:

    It’s not my local, I was an hour away from home, but I’ll nominate the hospital where I have birth and lost my son: Harrisburg Hospital (Pinnacle Health system) in Harrisburg, PA.

    I wish materials like this had been available to me last year. Thank you for making this giveaway possible for future loss parents.

  5. Cori Bolger says:

    Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Landstuhl, Germany (American military hospital overseas)

    • Cori Bolger says:

      ^^^^^ to add to my nomination (above), because we are overseas in a foreign country where English is not the first language, we REALLY need all the resources we can get over here. Anything is helpful. Thank you!

  6. Natalie Stone says:

    NEA Baptist Jonesboro, ar
    My sweet angel Brecken was born there 26wks 12-15-12 and beautiful rainbow 12-4-13

  7. Evonnie Fomento says:

    Rust Presbyterian Hospital, Rio Rancho NM.
    I will be working as a doula and this will be one of my main hospitals- it would be great it they could recieve some of these! NM has few resources, I’d love to bring more of SBD here.

  8. Melissa Rohac says:

    I nominate UPMC Horizon Farrell to win. I have had the best care there with all 3 of my pregnancies. I won’t go anywhere else to have my kids unless I have to. They have had an influx of babies being born and they could really use some thing like this to help. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  9. melissa hart says:

    I’d like to nominate 8th Ave Ob/Gyn, in Fort Worth, TX. Dr. Wiley was amazing when I went there after being treated poorly at my former Ob/Gyn’s office.

  10. Patti LeBlanc says:

    I would like to nominate the Regina General Hospital in Regina, Saskatchewan CANADA. I am a member of the Perinatal Loss Committee and a bereaved Mom of a stillborn son in 1995. This would be a huge resource to have for parents in this situation.

  11. I would like to nominate 11 Angels. A group of women who have experienced loss of baby in miscarriage or stillbirth. They help families as they go through their journey. Where ever they choose to be. They are located in the Metro area of Minneapolis, St Paul MN.

  12. Trina Orton says:

    I would like to nominate the St Cloud Hospital in St Cloud, MN. I believe these books would enhance their loss group considerably.

  13. I nominate the Claremore Indian Hospital in Oklahoma. The large disregard of human respect in the Indian health department, which is owned by the government and not the tribes, leads a huge gap in respecting life as is prevalent and expected in Native American Culture. After losing my child there, and hearing the horror stories of other Native American families, I filed a complaint that was taken to the board to change policies to respect the family and treat miscarriage and stillbirth as a birth, because it is. This complaint was brought to the bored and since, nothing else has been mentioned. I don’t wish any women to give birth in an exam room alone. Every birth needs to be respected as it is a sacred passage for every woman. These resources would be a wonderful start on impacting this system to become better for bereaved families.

  14. Faxton – St. Lukes Healthcare. Utica, NY 13502. St. Lukes campus. It would have been great if they had something like this to give out when my son was stillborn June 2014.

  15. I’d like to nominate the Labor & Delivery Unit at Baltimore Washington Medical Center. As a Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep volunteer, I’ve seen time and again the gentle, loving, respectful care given to families suffering loss from 15 to 40 weeks.

  16. St Mary’s Hospital, Madison Wisconsin

  17. Kirsty Holland says:

    Birthrites support group in Perth, Australia. So we can use it as a sample to show to all the hospitals in Perth and WA that we meet with so that many more can be purchased!
    Also to keep in our library after its been used as training material for our core group.

  18. Kristina Seymour says:

    I’m nominating South Side Regional Medical Center in Petersburg VA. The nursing staff could truly benefit from this, as they have a nursing program within the hospital. They serve many military families, so the knowledge would travel.

  19. Tracey Diehl says:

    Southside Regional Medical Center – Petersburg VA because their grief program is the best I’ve seen.

  20. Please select Southside Regional Medical Center in Petersburg VA for what they’ve done to easy the pain on a grieving heart!

  21. SRMC – Southside Regional Medical Center has implemented a grief program and vigil to honor babies gone to soon. They are dedicated to changing the outcome. They’re located in Petersburg VA and the point of contact there is Don Phelps.

  22. Sharon Isom says:

    I nominate the ShareHope origination at the NEA Baptist Clinic- Women’s Health in Jonesboro, AR. This amazing program provides educational material, counseling and support groups, annual remembrance walk, and much more for families who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. They also act as a invaluable resource for the doctors and nurses who work in the clinic and labor and delivery department. As a nurse at the NEA Baptist Clinic- Women’s Health, this orginaztion has a very special place in my heart.

  23. My daugther died a long time ago and I wasn’t allowed to heal, but in her memory I have donated still birth certificates to SRMC in Petersburg VA. It helped me to feel like she was still with us in some small way. I nominate SRMC

  24. Lisa DeFrancesco says:

    I would like to nominate Grandview hospital in Sellersville, PA. On 4/3/13, my daughter was born sleeping. I came into the hospital to deliver my baby (full term) and found out she had passed away only a couple hours before I got there. The hospital staff was amazing, but a little uneducated on how to deal with the loss. I was given very little information/resources on how to deliver and what comes next. All centers should have information and someone who can help the parents thru. This is such an awesome giveaway!

  25. Ashley Mauger says:

    I would like to nominate St. Luke’s midwives of Leighton they are a group of midwifes and they have serve this wonderful community and are there to talk to and they know the pain of still births and miscarriages and i had my beautiful angel girl there and she was just perfect i was 40 weeks exactly and they have no reason why she didnt have a heart beat. They are located in Leighton Pa

  26. Jasmin Herchak says:

    I’d like to nominate Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, SK Canada. Being a loss mom and a SBD certified doula, I know that support can sometimes be minimal and choices (if there are even any offered) can be left unexplained. We have a wonderful Clinical Coordinator in L & D who would like much more to be done for loss families, but the hospital has a long way to go in terms of care. These books would be a wonderful resource. ♡♡♡

  27. I would like Stillwater Medical Center in Stillwater OK to win some brochures. They are the area hospital where I attend births, and it would be amazing if there were resources available for bereavement families.

  28. I would love to nominate Peace health medical center in Vancouver, WA. They were great when I went in to deliver Moses at 24 weeks. They were kind and helpful. But I still felt lost. I wish they had these to hand out to help the parents be educated and help them through the process. What you are doing is amazing!

  29. Allison Medich says:

    I would like to nominate Sierra Vista Regional Hospital in Sierra Vista, AZ. <3

  30. I nominate Transitions Midwifery in maple Ridge Canada. They have been very helpful with clients in the past that have had loss but could benefit from adding this book to their lending library.

  31. Nominating the Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada, where I delivered my second child. Serving a rural area with limited print resources, and a large populous of religious citizens.

    Also nominating the IWK Health Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I delivered my first child. This hospital is the largest for the region in an urban setting, serving much more specialized care, therefore a higher number of losses and a more diverse population of loss (e.g. High risk, babies not expected to survive beyond birth).

  32. Nicole Fortune says:

    I’d like to nominate Marietta Memorial Hospital, Marietta, OH.

  33. Suzie Moore says:

    Anderson Hospital
    Maryville, IL

  34. Dennel Pickering says:

    I’d like to nominate royal university hospital in saskatoon. Recently a babyloss mom started a group to supply hospitals with angel gowns and there is huge momentum right now in the province of Saskatchewan to better support parents who have lost a baby. I lost my twins in 2008 and I feel that the hospital didn’t know how to handle it and so they just kind of left us alone. They didn’t suggest now I lay me down to sleep, or direct me to babyloss groups or anything.
    As the largest city in Saskatchewan and the only hospital in saskatoon that deals with maternity, This book would help a lot of families. I’ve heard they have 9 stillbirths a month, not including nicu babies that don’t survive.
    Thank you for all you do!

  35. Amanda Scott says:

    I would like to nominate Allegiance Health Foote Hospital. I had no idea of my options for delivering my losses other than a D&C. I want other women to not have to go through that.

  36. Please consider St Mary’s Hospital in Madison WI

  37. Medical Center of Central GA

  38. Ericka slezak says:

    I would like to nominate dr. Stephen Guys practice at Miami Vally hospital in dayton. Dr guy took over my post partum care right after my so died because the ob who delivered him refused to. ( that doctor was too emotionally affected by Lloyd’s birth) Dr guy cried with me and used my case to discuss many times with the other doctors in his practice. He was VERY interested when I told him about SBD doulaing and that I was taking the training in oct 2014. He has an ultrasound machine in his office so many families learn right there that their child has died. I would love to gift his practice with such important material.

  39. Boundary trails health center in southern MB, Canada

  40. Becky Faulk says:

    I U West in Indiana has a very caring staff at there facility. I have been blessed seeing three grandsons come into this world there, unfortunately on May 1st 2012 my angel baby Bentley Ryan was stillborn at birth. This was a very difficult time for our family and they had no answers and no brochures or anything for that matter and we were lost. Having this would help others to not go through what our family did. Great hospital needs better information for greaving families.

  41. kaelyn crenshaw says:

    I like to nominate stutter memorial children’s hospital. While doing my hospital calls the first have any information on this type of info.

  42. Fermina Liza Roman says:

    I will like to nominate SePare because ia the only institution working with maternal mental health and maternal rights during birth in Puerto Rico. Im the only birth & bereavement doula in the island and SePare is giving me the opportunity to support mothers under the program. I also think we need resources to better support the mothers.

  43. Rebecca Abreu says:

    I would love to nominate Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Without the nurses that worked with me while I was in the hospital after losing Annabelle, I would have no moments of my daughter. They clipped her hair, made a mold of her handprint, and took ink-prints of her hands and feet. They were amazing.

  44. emily Crowhurst says:

    I wish to nominate milton Keynes general hospital. I can not thank them enough for the support of the wonderful staff who helped me through 2 pregnancy losses.

  45. I would like to nominate Fruitful Vine Midwifery, in Jacksonville FL. They are an amazing and supportive group, who share in the joys and pains of their patients.

  46. I would like to nominate Birth Center of Jacksonville – one of the best places for a mother in Jacksonville, headed by one of the best midwives.

  47. Monica Estrada says:

    I’m from Monterrey, México, i’m psychologyst and i want nominate dra. aisse from doctors hospital here in Monterrey, when we saw at the echo. that my baby was dead she was a really really good person i was alone so she contacted my family and tried to do the best for me. so i want she have the book to the future moms.

  48. I’d like to nominate our local hospitals in Madison, WI: St. Mary’s, Meriter, and American Family Children’s Hospital. Thank you for your work and this opportunity!

  49. I would like to nominate Piedmont Newnan Hospital in Newnan Georgia 🙂

  50. Heather Pucheu says:

    I’d like to nominate Providence Holy Family Hospital in Spokane, WA

  51. Christi Lambert says:

    I nominate Stanly Regional Medical Center in Albemarle NC. My first son was born there at 26wks and lived 2hrs. They were kind, but I could have used more support and resources.

  52. I nominate Ochsner medical center in Baton Rouge, LA. The midwives and nurses there are amazing, but I think the social worker needs some better resources. This would be great.

  53. Jessica I. says:

    My nomination is for the Early Pregnancy Unit at The Whittington Hospital, London, GB. All the staff, but in particular nurse specialist Hazel Ncube, treated me and my husband with the sort of kindness, compassion, gentleness and professionalism that overwhelmed us both. The obs & gynae surgical team who operated on me were also fantastic (Mr. Khan’s team).

  54. Regina General Hospital in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada.

  55. Fairview Northland in Princeton, MN. Had no idea how to manage my stillbirth grief and how to support me. Offered no literature or support other than to call someone I researched.

  56. Hurley Medical Center in Flint, MI. this is where both of my losses were found and neither time did I receive any real support. There was only one nurse who was compassionate. She was great she hugged me and just let me cry in her arms but the rest of the staff was very cold. They acted like they were telling me a weather report. The ultra sound tech was so bad. I was sent home with NO info and was told they’d call to schedule the D&C. I really didn’t want to pass at home but I did because they stalled. And that’s only the recent (8/5/14) loss.

  57. Jessica Yohn says:

    I nominate Wesley Hospital in Wichita Kansas. I just gave birth to my little Alexander Shepard Yohn. We found out there was no heartbeat at 15 weeks and 4 days (September 9th). I wanted to give birth with my midwife, but unfortunately she had to be there for a woman giving birth to a living child. So she recommended us to them. I can honestly say that the whole experience would have been much worse without the wonderful nurses. I didn’t really get to know the doctors, as they didn’t even end up being there when my little Alex was born. It just happened. My nurse though…Cathy was amazing. She was so compassionate and there for me whenever I needed something. She pushed to get me something other than Morphine when it didn’t do anything for me. This was my first pregnancy and I was terrified. When I gave birth I didn’t know it was happening. She got me everything I needed, and she cleaned my little boy the best she could since his skin had started to get so thin by the time he was born that giving him a real bath would have torn it. She let me hold my baby boy for as long as I wanted, I didn’t give him over till almost 4 hours later. She made sure that the paperwork was right so that they would not do an autopsy, so that I would be able to take him home in tact for his home burial. The night nurse, Jackie, made sure to mark every paper with big bold letters in sharpie that my baby was to come home with me when I told her I was scared to death that someone would read the paper work wrong and my baby would be sent off to be cremated with other miscarriages and still borns (they have a program where they cremate all the babies, bury their ashes, and then plant a tree over it). The female doctor, who I hadn’t met till that moment, who came in after my birth to help with my baby when the other two doctors I had dealt with couldn’t be there…also came back in the middle of the night and took a bit of my placenta for a chormosomal test so that they wouldn’t have to take part of my baby’s femur. When I left they had tried their best to make a cast of my baby’s feet and hands, and couldn’t, but they sent me home with a tiny hat, a itty bitty outfit, a pair of keepsake booties, a blanket, and a couple of phamplets on infant loss. I am so glad I went there and was in all of these women’s carry hands. Cathy had experienced miscarriages herself and so was really able to help me through this. It would have been nice though to have a book, something to really read. I don’t live in Wichita and while they have support groups there, they don’t in the town I live in an hour away. So something to really read would have been great to come home with. I’m sure it will help other women as well and be much appreciated.

  58. Meg Menard RN says:

    I would like to nominate Community Health Association of Spokane (CHAS) The booklets would be a resource for all of the clinics, a place that improves the health of our community and provides care to every member.


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